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Integrated Circuit and System Design

The Department for Integrated Circuit and System Design

The Department for Integrated Circuit and System Design covers the development of design methods for various application areas.
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Prediction of the remaining useful lives of mechanical products

Non-destructive evaluation of internal residual stress and inelastic strain to assess the structural integrity of mechanical products.
Department of Chemistry - Kitasato University

The Kamitani research group – Improving industrial reactions using iron

The Kamitani research group is focusing on the development of new technology using iron catalysis for improving the industrial reactions that currently require precious metals.
sir andrew mackenzie

Sir Andrew Mackenzie appointed new Chair of UKRI

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has appointed businessman and scientist Sir Andrew Mackenzie FRS as the preferred candidate to chair the UKRI.
multinationals carbon emissions

A fifth of global carbon emissions stem from multinationals’ supply chains

A staggering fifth of carbon dioxide emissions come from multinational companies' global supply chains, according to a new study led by UCL and Tianjin University.
DTU CEN - Center For Electron Nanoscopy

Tailoring optical properties of nanoparticles by alloying

'Senior scientist Shima Kadkhodazadeh discusses adapting the optical properties of nanoparticles with high precision through alloying
Evolve LTD

Evolve Ltd – improving the impact of science and technology

Evolve Ltd are a thought leader and influencer within the international scientific and healthcare laboratory market to help shape our future.
Low Carbon Combustion Centre

Low Carbon Combustion Centre at the University of Sheffield

The Low Carbon Combustion Centre, an initiative by the University of Sheffield, is Europe’s leading facility for novel combustion and low carbon technology.
mobility ecosystem

Preparing for the mobility ecosystem of the future

Technological trends and new mobility solutions could lead to a very different mobility ecosystem in the future. Customers expect mobility operators to provide services that are fast, reliable, convenient and personalized, as major developments have opened up a range of new options for individual mobility.
frictional metamaterials

Rubbing shoulders with frictional metamaterials

Julien Scheibert, researcher at CNRS/Ecole Centrale de Lyon explores the fascinating world of frictional metamaterials and their potential

Challenges for European science and technology – thermosphysics of fluids and nanosystems

An expert from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon reflects on the gap between European science research and industrial utilisation
research grants

Study shows research grants are giving jobs a boost

A new study has shown that government research grants have boosted the economy and provided thousands of new jobs in the tech industry Research grants of up to £8 billion have been proven to successfully boost the economy with researchers estimating a growth of £43 billion and an additional 150,000 jobs. The...

Data availability: the building block for digital transformation

Massimo Merlo, VP of EMEA Enterprise and Regional VP of UK&I at Veeam details why data should be at the heart of digital transformation in the public sector

The development of low-permeability hydrocarbon resources

Professor and NSERC/Chevron Industrial Research Chair, David W. Eaton, talks about the need to ensure hydrocarbon resources are developed responsibly

Energy efficient industrial technology programme worth £9.2m launched

A four-year scheme aimed at developing energy efficient technology in the industrial sector has been launched

The true value of industrial management and engineering

The Business Competence and Process Management RDI-group outline how industrial management and engineering degrees are valuable to businesses in Europe
transformative manufacturing industrial strategy

New strategy good news for transformative manufacturing

Transformative manufacturing and other areas will gain from the government’s new industrial strategy, as Innovate UK’s Simon Edmonds explains The support for business-led innovation announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement was potentially game-changing. The national productivity investment fund will provide an additional £4.7bn by 2020-21 in R&D funding. The...

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