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COVID-19 patients, virus

76% of COVID-19 patients still have one symptom, after six months

While long COVID is slowly becoming more understood, ordinary COVID-19 patients are experiencing lasting effects - scientists discovered that 76% of people have atleast one recurring symptom, six months after the original illness.
infection prevention and control

Infection prevention and control (IPC) for COVID-19 focus

Two divisions of Active Care Group – Christchurch Group and Remeo – discuss the importance of  infection prevention and control in the healthcare sector in light of COVID-19.
tier 4 restrictions, south east

UK brings in Tier 4 restrictions for South East and London

As of midnight tonight (20 December), London and the South East will enter strict Tier 4 restrictions - which includes no household mixing over Christmas, and no commuting to work.
antimicrobial coating, coronavirus

British company launches fast-acting antimicrobial coating that destroys coronavirus

Here, we learn about a British company launching a fast-acting antimicrobial coating that destroys coronavirus.
prevention and control

LumiBio: COVID-19 infection, prevention and control

Kate Edwards, Director of LumiBio, highlights what we need to know about COVID-19 infection, prevention and control (IPC)
hand hygiene training

A modern approach to hand hygiene training

SureWash, a CPD certified hand hygiene training company has been helping healthcare facilities globally with the fight against COVID-19. Founder and CTO, Dr Gerard Lacey tells us about their technology and what comes next for the company.
inflammatory, COVID-19 complication

Removal of inflammatory ‘evil humors’ – the key to treating COVID-19 complications?

Phillip P. Chan, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of CytoSorbents Corporation (NASDAQ: CTSO), discusses the use of CytoSorb, a broad-spectrum blood purification technology to treat cytokine storm and hyperinflammation in critically ill COVID-19 patients.
rapid patient triage test

FebriDx: Rapid patient triage test and COVID-19

Here, we discover that FebriDx® rapid point of care triage can help prevent the spread of infection and improve patient streaming.
diarrheagenic e. coli

Transmission of Diarrheagenic E. coli by plants

Ann G. Matthysse, Professor of Biology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shares her expertise on the transmission of Diarrheagenic E. coli by plants.
biological air treatment, renewable

Sterilair PRO – Biological air treatment

Used in medical settings for over 20 years, Sterilair is now being used in a wide range of close-contact environments to maintain healthy air quality.
COVID-19 technologies, government

COVID-19 technologies need greater scrutiny before being rolled out

Dr Jeremy Aroles explores the implications of COVID-19 technologies, and proposes three ways to ensure that these powers can't be abused by the Government.
severe COVID, diabetes

Diabetes patients are three times as likely to have severe COVID

While diabetes has been declared as a signifier for infection complications, researchers now say that data suggests it is three times as likely these individuals have severe COVID or are hospitalised.
infodemic, infodemiology

Infodemic: The other face of epidemics (COVID-19)

Dr Sylvie Briand, Director, Global Infectious Hazards Preparedness Department at the World Health Organization, explains how COVID-19 is accompanied by fighting an infodemic.
public health surveillance

From COVID-19 to the future of public health surveillance

Andrea Ammon, Director at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, takes us on a journey from COVID-19 to the future of public health surveillance.
UVC energy

Exploring UVC technology for infection control

Anti Viral UVC explores how ultraviolet light works and how UVC energy is an effective and environmentally friendly way to eradicate dangerous microorganisms in any environment.
HIV risks for women, drought

How is climate change increasing HIV risks for women?

When it comes to HIV risks for women, researchers found that natural disasters force vulnerable women to take any chance to secure resources - whether through transactional sex or engagement in early marriage.
testing labs

COVID-19 testing labs: Size isn’t everything

When it comes to COVID-19 testing labs, size isn’t everything, according to Alan Thornhill, UK Country Manager at Igenomix and Honorary Professor of Reproductive Genetics at the University of Kent, who spoke to Natalie Broome (MSc student, Kent).
moderna vaccine, phase three

The Moderna vaccine has a final efficiency of 94.1%

The clinical trials are over for the Moderna vaccine - the company announced their drug was 94.1% effective and then filed for Emergency Use.
hand hygiene training

SureWash over the sink: Combining hand hygiene training & monitoring

SureWash, a hand hygiene training company, has developed a new way of combining training and monitoring of hand washing.
vaccine in december, drug

US healthcare workers could get Pfizer vaccine in December

Today (20 November) Pfizer and BioNTech are sending their drug for approval to the FDA, meaning that the most vulnerable Americans could get the vaccine in December.

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