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furlough fraud

Furlough fraud: Can IT modernisation help find HMRC’s lost £27 billion?

Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist, Boomi, details how HMRC can modernise their IT systems to help recoup the billions lost in furlough fraud.
integrated digital services

Delivering modern and efficient integrated digital services

Rachel Felix, Digital Programme Manager, Chesterfield Borough Council, explores how to deliver modern and efficient integrated digital services.
modern data protection

How local councils can ensure modern data protection best practices

Dan Middleton, VP, UK&I, shares his top tips on how local councils can ensure best practices when it comes to modern data protection.
business IT

Supporting a more sustainable future for business IT

Carmen Ene, CEO of 3stepIT, explores how businesses can reduce e-waste to create a more sustainable future in the IT sector.
Technology Services 3 framework

Crown Commercial Service launches Technology Services 3 framework

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has launched the latest version of the Technology Services 3 (TS3) framework which includes over 250 suppliers.
modern data protection

Advancing digital transformation and modern data protection

2020 was a year of IT change. Jeremy Wyatt, Operations Director at FCS explains how the last year has affected IT, Digital Transformation and modern data protection strategy.

How the NHS can de-risk its modernisation to upgrade safely and efficiently

Steven Shepherd, Healthcare Director, SAS UK, explores how upgrades can be made in a way that is cost-efficient and where the NHS professionals asked to use those systems are comfortable with the upgrades.
Procurement frameworks for IT

Procurement frameworks for IT don’t deliver true out-of-the-box functionality

Hannah Paterson, Principal Consultant at Step5, argues that procurement frameworks for IT may need external expertise for smooth implementation.
value from research data

Why collaboration is the key to generating value from research data

Enzo Brienza, sales manager, InterSystems, discusses why higher education institutions need to consider collaboration with other organisations to generate value from research data.
tech experts

Tech experts discuss the three-year anniversary of GDPR

In this article, tech experts explore the core components of data governance and protection in today’s cyber business landscape and offer advice on how an organisation must act if a data breach occurs.
cloud-based system

How a modern cloud-based system can help the public sector

Andy Campbell, Global Solution Evangelist at FinancialForce, explains how a modern cloud-based system can help public sector organisations integrate their suite of business applications.
health and care

How can digital transformation improve health & care?

Dr Philip Scott, Chair, BCS Health & Care, explores how digital transformation can improve our health and care.

Is telecommuting good for the environment?

Here Pascal Paillé, professor of sustainable Human Resource Management, NEOMA Business School, discusses telework and ecology, and explores whether telecommuting is actually good for the environment.
cybersecurity risk assessment

Creating a cybersecurity risk assessment

Barry O'Donnell, Chief Operating Officer at TSG, discusses the importance of carrying out a thorough risk assessment, to identify the systems which need protecting most urgently.
digital learning revolution

Three ways the Raspberry Pi is sparking a digital learning revolution

Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veeam, discusses how technologies like the Raspberry Pi are sparking a digital learning revolution.
photocopiers and printers

MFDs in Digital and Sustainable Procurement Strategies

Dave Crispin, CEO of Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd, continues discussions around the role MFDs, photocopiers and printers play in the ‘sustainable’ 2021 office.
cloud strategy

Six pillars for a successful cloud strategy

Giuseppe Paternò explores the key practices business leaders need to implement when undertaking a cloud strategy.
IT automation

Why governments should look to IT automation, now and in the future

Adrian Keward, Chief technologist, UK Public Sector, Red Hat, explores how automation can help streamline operations and reduce costs in the public sector.
disparate data

How do you manage and control disparate data?

Here, Brendan Tate takes us on a journey through the reasons why he founded new start-up Cleata Limited, available on the G-Cloud framework.
carbon cost

The carbon cost of remote working

Tony Fergusson, Director of Transformation Strategy at Zscaler, discusses the need to examine the carbon emissions of new technologies that organisations are using to enable remote working.

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