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augmented and virtual reality

Is augmented and virtual reality technology essential for education?

Dave Kenworthy, Director of Digital Services at CoSector, questions whether or not the education sector should be adopting augmented and virtual reality technology to improve learning experiences for all.
cloud migration

Cloud computing and data: The dos and don’ts of cloud migration

When it comes to the world of cloud computing and data, Luke Taylor, Programme Manager at Entec Si, shares with us the dos and don’ts of cloud migration.
access rights

Protecting patient data through stringent access rights management

Sascha Giese, Head Geek at SolarWinds, looks at the importance of managing access rights in healthcare organisations, highlighting four steps to help illustrate how IT teams can integrate this successfully into every department.
Maximising the potential of IT

The Digital Single Market: Maximising the potential of IT within Europe

Roberto Viola Director-General of DG Connect, within the European Union, focuses on maximising the potential of IT within Europe, a vital aspect of implementing the Digital Single Market.
GP Futures Framework, Procurement frameworks in the NHS,

Procurement frameworks in the NHS: The GP Futures Framework

Brian Jones, Chief Executive at Partnership of East London Co-operatives, shares his thoughts on procurement frameworks in the NHS including the GP Futures Framework.

GP IT future framework focus

Mike Odling-Smee, Technical Director at Aire Logic, details the future framework of GP IT, part of the NHS’ Long term plan to prioritise Digital Transformation.
data analytics project, artificial intelligence

AI and data analytics projects announced by UK

The UK government announced 40 artificial intelligence and data analytics projects announced to boost productivity and improve customer service.

OGEL IT – Helping to bring IT back in-house

Ogel IT was formed in 2012 with the goal of helping organisations establish flexible, secure and cost-effective IT services.

Healthcare expert comments on the Health Secretary’s tech vision

Neil Laycock, Managing Director of healthcare at Servelec, comments on the issues raised by Matt Hancock and joining together for digital care.
Government IT

How government IT professionals can locate problems and their causes

Joe Kim from SolarWinds highlights how government IT professionals can locate and solve complex issues using wide-ranging insight

The rise of data and its impact on government IT departments

Joe Kim, EVP, Engineering & Global CTO at SolarWinds, explores how government IT departments can utilise the large amounts of data they collect effectively.

Brexit should not impact the disaggregation of IT services

Littlefish's Dave Aspindle explains why it is important the disaggregation of IT services should continue, irrespective of the political landscape

Taking advantage of container technology

Joe Kim, SVP and Global CTO at SolarWinds says government organisations can improve efficiency, optimisation and security by using container technology

Public sector IT must deliver cost effective support solutions

Mark Smith, CEO of SAP, highlights the plight of public sector IT amid budget cuts and explains why it is vital to deliver better sourced services
Using digital public services on tablet

Users come first in seamless digital public services

At the third D5 conference in South Korea, Cabinet Office Minister Chris Skidmore explained how putting users first is making digital public services better I am delighted to be in Busan to represent the UK at the D5 Ministerial Summit. This is my first visit to the Republic of Korea,...

Peace of mind

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