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Midland Metropolitan Hospital

Plans confirmed to open Midland Metropolitan Hospital by 2022

The Midland Metropolitan Hospital will open in 2022 after the government and local NHS trust reached an agreement to finish construction work.
cap on care

UK councils back government plans to put a cap on care

England’s largest councils have backed government plans to introduce a cap on care – but warn that it must be fully-funded to avoid the collapse of services and care providers.
digital transformation

NHS England: Digital transformation in the NHS

NHS England’s views on digital transformation in the NHS are assessed here by Open Access Government.
diabetes prevention

NHS England Diabetes Prevention Programme

NHS England’s Diabetes Prevention Programme is placed under the spotlight by Open Access Government 
the NHS

Positioning the NHS: the good and the bad

Over the last few years, it has been discovered that too many patients are being treated as if they were emergencies. Is it all bad for the organisation though? Join Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm as they weigh up both the positive and negative aspects of the NHS

NHS to benefit from £20.5 billion funding boost over the next 5 years

The Prime Minister has announced that the NHS will receive increased funding of £20.5 billion per year by the end of five years
health data

Asthma sufferers willing to share data to improve care and research

A recent report from Asthma UK has shown that nine in ten people (88%), living with asthma in England are in favour of sharing their data to improve NHS services
NHS England

Tackling the healthcare challenge of diabetes in England

The work of NHS England in tackling one of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time, diabetes, is examined here by Open Access Government

UK “most giving” nation for organ donation

The UK has been deemed the most giving nation for organ donation but more could still be done according to a study led by Nuyoo In the recent study led by Nuyoo, it was revealed that the UK had increased the number of organ donors to 1,413, a 4% rise...
cardiovascular disease

Local authorities to combat cardiovascular disease with free NHS checks

Chief Executive Duncan Selbie has called on local authorities to ensure that all local residents eligible for a free NHS Health Check get an invite – to help tackle the one in four premature deaths in the country caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD). The NHS Health Check is free for...
health funding boost

Scottish government to introduce mental health funding boost

The Scottish Government has announced a mental health funding boost of £500,000 in a move announced on World Mental Health day
mental health staff

Mental health staff say cuts have lead to increased assault

Mental health staff have linked cuts to services and staff shortages with an increase in assault and abuse from patients, especially in England 
private ambulance firm

Labour calls for inquiry into private ambulance firm after service folds

The collapse of a private ambulance firm working with the NHS has led to calls for an inquiry from Labour MP Justin Madders
lung cancer drug

NHS approves new ‘life extending’ lung cancer drug

After extended campaigns from charities and prominent figures, a lung cancer drug said to extend the life of sufferers has been made available on the NHS The nivolumab lung cancer drug is already available in Scotland for those with advanced lung cancer who are already undergoing chemotherapy. The immunotherapy treatment stimulates...

Hepatitis B vaccine rationed in UK due to global shortage

A temporary limit on who can have a hepatitis B vaccination has been implemented by health officials in the UK

NHS bosses backtrack on controversial budget cuts

Backlash for plans to save money by delaying operations, treatment and closing wards sees NHS bosses do a u-turn
stethoscope calculator

NHS overspends by nearly £1bn in three months

New figures have revealed the NHS has run up £930m deficit in just three months… NHS trusts in England are in significant financial trouble after collectively racking up debts approaching £1bn. Regulators said the figures, which relate to the first three months of the financial year, showed the amount of...
Smoking ban spares children serious illness

Smoking ban spares children serious illness

New research has revealed the smoking ban has prevented thousands of children from serious illness and reduced the number of hospital admissions The smoking ban, which was introduced in England in 2007, has prevented illness in thousands of children. Research published in the European Respiratory Journal examined hospital admission records of...
The NHS has a 'substantial financial problem'

The NHS has a ‘substantial financial problem’

The former Chief Executive of NHS England Sir David Nicholson has revealed the NHS is accruing large deficits, which are largely being ignored by politicians It is no secret the NHS is in crisis. Over the last 12 months, hospitals have warned of problems with growing demands for services, as...

Is the UK delivering effective mental health services?

Over the last few months, there has been increasing reports of failures to meet the needs of patients with mental illnesses in the UK. Open Access Government examines the impact of cuts on the sector Mental health services are in trouble, it seems. Last year an investigation by Community Care...

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