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Assessing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC)

Alberto Mantovani presents the contribution of the Istituto Superiore di SanitĂ  (ISS) to the international assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC)
cancer care

The challenge of sustainability in cancer care

All.Can shares their profound insights into the challenges concerning the need to improve the efficiency of cancer care, focusing on better outcomes for patients Healthcare budgets are under increasing pressure. We face an urgent question about how we can sustain high-quality healthcare. All.Can is an international multi-stakeholder initiative set up...
deregulation and innovation

Deregulation and innovation: evidence from the electricity industry

Giacomo Valletta from EDHEC Business School sheds light on the key issues concerning deregulation and innovation in the European electricity industry Over the last three decades, the electric industry has changed enormously in terms of deregulation and innovation. Many western Governments have undertaken reforms to break apart and privatize monopoly...

OECD urges next government to focus on boosting productivity

As the country moves to decide the next government, the OECD has called for more investment in projects that will encourage growth and productivity

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