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Bristol City Council spearheads campaign to eradicate period poverty

Councillor Helen Godwin, Cabinet Member for Women, Children and Young People on Bristol City Council, discusses the work being done by Bristol City Council to eradicate period poverty.
period poverty

Ending period poverty is the only way the world can move forward

For the world to move forward, period poverty must end now. Here, Dr Shirin Lakhani, intimate health specialist, reveals why and how things need to change.
period poverty

We must keep talking about period poverty during the pandemic

Initial Washroom Hygiene explores why we need to keep talking about period poverty, even during the Coronavirus pandemic.
tampon tax, rishi sunak budget

Rishi Sunak budget: The tampon tax has been abolished

The anticipated budget released by Chancellor Rishi Sunak abolishes the 5% tampon tax in the UK: Read more about period poverty on OAG.
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Scotland due to pass bill to eradicate period poverty

Scotland are due to set a global precedent with their bill to eradicate period poverty via free sanitary products.
period poverty taskforce

Period Poverty Taskforce meets for the first time

The Period Poverty Taskforce, which will focus its efforts on tackling the issue of period poverty and wider stigma around menstruation in the UK, met for the for time today.

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