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Connecting the Arctic’s seas for sustainable development

Carole Plessy, Head of OneWeb’s Maritime Product Development, details here the role of connectivity when it comes to the sustainable development in the Arctic’s seas.
arctics true impact, impact on the climate

Opening a window into the Arctic’s true impact on the climate

Dylan Browne, Head of Maritime at OneWeb, reveals how we incentivise greater co-ordination and collaboration between researchers across the Arctic.

What is Polar Research and Expedition Consultancy?

Here, Wilson Cheung Wai Yin from the Polar Research & Expedition Consultancy (PRECON) tells us why this organisation was set up – to encourage the cost-effectiveness of scientific field research in the Polar Regions.
age in polar science

A new and exciting age in polar science

Kelly K. Falkner, Director of the Office of Polar Programs (OPP), National Science Foundation, shares her thoughts on a new and exciting age in the field of polar science.
polar science

Promoting polar science in the United States

The work of the Office of Polar Programs (OPP), part of the National Science Foundation (NSF), is examined here by Open Access Government
Polar Science Communication

Polar science communication: From North to South

A group of seasoned experts from the UK Polar Network shed light on the wonders of polar science communication from North to South The Earth is currently experiencing rapid changes in climate, driven by the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The polar regions are uniquely sensitive to...

Assessing climate change in the Arctic

Norwegian Polar Institute’s Director Jan-Gunnar Winther highlights the challenges associated with climate change in the Arctic and its global impact
water resource

Permafrost ice as an important water resource for the future?

Martin Hoelzle, Martin Scherler and Christian Hauck from the University of Fribourg explore the possibility of melting ice-rich permafrost as a water resource
polar regions

Innovative research in the polar regions

Open Access Government provides an insight into the work of The National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programmes’ research about the Polar Regions
Arctic states

Science and Policy in the Arctic States

Ambassador Aleksi Härkönen provides a compelling glimpse of the organisation’s efforts on climate change and pollution in the Arctic States
iceberg A-68

6,000 km iceberg A-68 set to break free

Giant Antarctic iceberg A-68 broke off from the Larsen Ice Shelf in July and is set to fully break free after months of little movement

Polar vortices and their interactions

What are polar vortices, and how do they influence the rest of the atmosphere and climate system? Johns Hopkins University’s Professor Waugh explains

Sustainable water treatment with Arctic attitude

Professor Riitta Keiski, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu talks about the importance of sustainable water treatment in Northern Finland
issues arctic communities face polar canada

POLAR: Investigating the issues Arctic communities face

Polar Knowledge Canada, a new federal organisation, brings together indigenous and scientific expertise to look at the issues Arctic communities face today Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is primed to set Canada at the forefront of the search for new knowledge of the Polar Regions. Based in Nunavut, the new federal...
climate change in polar regions chinstrap penguins in snow

Climate change in the Polar Regions: Past, present and future

How is climate change in Polar Regions affecting sea ice? Professor Hideaki Motoyama and colleagues at the National Institute of Polar Research investigate The Polar Regions have the largest amount of fresh water on Earth in the form of snow and ice. These regions also play an important role in...

Rapid change of the Arctic climate system and its global influences

Dr Takashi Yamanouchi from the National Institute of Polar Research highlights the Green Network of Excellence (GRENE) Arctic Climate Change Research project and its impact The Arctic has become a hot topic not only in the scientific sector, but also in society, due to the abrupt retreat in summer sea...
Environmental challenges facing the Polar Regions

Environmental challenges in the Polar Regions

Dr Jan-Gunnar Winther, Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute gives an overview of the environmental challenges facing the Polar Regions. Scientific information from the Polar Regions boosts our knowledge of the environmental issues facing the world and is vital in order to grasp the challenges facing us, be it climate...

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