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prescribe dance lessons

Brits approve plans for GPS to prescribe dance lessons to tackle loneliness

More than half (56%) of Brits have agreed with Prime Minister plans for GP's to prescribe dance classes to patients as part of a scheme to combat loneliness
brexit speech

Pharma industry responds to the Prime Minister’s latest Brexit speech

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) – representing global pharmaceutical businesses in the UK including GSK, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Roche – has responded to Brexit speech by Prime Minister Theresa May
economic partnership

PIMFA comments on the UK’s future economic partnership with the European Union

PIMFA – the UK’s leading trade association for the personal investment management and financial advice sector - welcomes the Prime Minister’s clarification in her Mansion House speech on 2 March of key aspects of the Government’s aspirations for the post-Brexit UK/EU relationship
healthcare deals

Government announces strong UK-China healthcare deals

Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State Liam Fox have prompted many UK-China healthcare deals on their recent trip to China
governmental artificial intelligence

Report highlights factors needed for responsible governmental artificial intelligence

Cambridge Consultants today unveiled five missing ingredients to responsible governmental artificial intelligence (AI) A new report, to be published at Mobile World Congress, states that while the research and application of AI techniques is quickly coming to the attention of governments across the globe, it often lacks the holistic framework...
changing world of work

UK addresses the challenges of the changing world of work in the modern economy

Millions of workers will receive new rights under major government reforms as the UK addresses the challenges in the changing world of work The government has set out new proposals to ensure that workers know their rights and receive the benefits and protections they are entitled to, and that action...
buy bitcoins

Lloyds Bank bans customers from using credit cards to buy bitcoins

Lloyds banking group has banned credit card customers from being able to buy bitcoins over fears it could lead to huge debt The group is thought to be the first bank in the UK to ban credit card customers from borrowing money to buy bitcoins due to its plunging value. The...
UK cabinet reshuffle

Sam Gyimah is made new Universities Minister as UK cabinet reshuffle continues

Sam Gyiah will replace Jo Johnson as the new Universities Minister following the recent UK cabinet reshuffle Sam Gyimah, the former prisons minister, took on the role as the new Universities and Science Minister to replace Jo Johnson who has been appointed as the Transport Minister and Minister for London. On...
May pledges £2bn research and development investment

UK companies to be required by law to release pay ratios

Under a new law, UK companies will be required to release pay ratio difference between CEOs and the average employee in a bid to increase transparency

Settled status for EU citizens is a ‘damp squib’

Theresa May’s offer of settled status for EU citizens does not come close to what should be on the table for EU residents, say EU politicians

Conservatives and DUP finally agree a deal

Following the snap General Election two weeks ago, the Prime Minister has revealed a deal has been struck between the Conservatives and DUP

Brexit rights for EU citizens in the UK are not sufficient

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Brexit rights laid out by PM Theresa May fail to hit the mark

UK and France unite to tackle online radicalisation

Following the recent atrocities in Paris and the UK, The Prime Minister and French President Macron will meet today to discuss online radicalisation

New Cabinet announced with shock return for Gove

Following a surprising election where neither the Labour Party nor Conservatives won the majority, Prime Minister Teresa May has announced her new cabinet

Theresa May faces a hung parliament following shock defeat

In a surprising turn of events, Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a hung parliament and must now fight to form her government

Conservative party makes a U-turn on social care policy proposals

Following backlash, the Conservatives have amended social care policy plans included in last week’s election manifesto
grammar schools

May defends plans to expand grammar schools across England

Despite controversy, Prime Minister, Theresa May has defended plans to expand grammar schools or open new ones across England Theresa May has defended plans to expand grammar schools after a document was leaked by a photographer. There is a lot of controversy surrounding grammar schools, with many arguing they reinforce class...

MPs to fight May’s plans for grammar schools

Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs have warned they will stand against government plans to launch new grammar schools across England Plans to allow new grammar schools across England has been met with criticism from MPs. Both Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs have warned they will fight against plans put forward by...

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