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Prostate cancer: A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

Professor Malcolm Mason, Cancer Research UK’s Prostate Cancer Expert reveals why prostate cancer is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma
prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer UK calls for screening programme and more research

Angela Culhane, Prostate Cancer UK Chief Executive discusses the tools needed to create a screening programme to stop prostate cancer killing men.
prostate cancer

Prostate cancer: A wake-up call for men

Roger Wotton, Chairman of Tackle Prostate Cancer explores the key issues around prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men.

Prostate cancer: Enigmatic, with different shades

Professor Ghulam Nabi from the University of Dundee explores the subject of the enigmatic prostate cancer, with different shades 
Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer treatment receives £75m funding boost

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a further £75m in funding for “earlier and faster” diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, which kills more than 10,000 men each year
troublesome piece of tissue

The prostate gland: A most troublesome piece of tissue

Europa Uomo – European Prostate Cancer Coalition Secretary, John Dowling shares his thoughts on the prostate gland, described as a most troublesome piece of tissue.
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Treatments for prostate cancer: Pros and cons

Dr Sumith A Kularatne, vice-president of R&D at On Target Laboratories, explores the pros and cons of various existing treatments for prostate cancer Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men, with about 1.1 million new cases and approximately 307,000 fatalities per year globally. This...
prostate cancer

The million dollar question in prostate cancer research

Owen Sharp, CEO at Prostate Cancer UK sheds light on the important work that’s being done to better diagnose and treat prostate cancer Most prostate cancers aren’t a problem. In fact, for many, the problems only come from diagnosing and treating them. These are the prostate cancers a surgeon once...

Nutrition and prostate cancer

Prostate cancer will become an increasing burden on society Prostate cancer is now the most common malignancy in Western men, accounting for 30% of newly diagnosed cancers, and it is the second leading cause of male cancer-related death. The burden of human suffering and the cost to society are expected...

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