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estate management

Forging a path to better estate management

Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO, Freespace, walks us through forging a path to better estate management.
the property market

Cryptocurrency in the property market

The property market hops on the cryptocurrency bandwagon as digital currency is becoming increasingly mainstream
ICO issuers

ICOs for real estate

A number of ICO issuers have envisioned a future in which tokenized pieces of a property could be tracked and traded via shared database There are currently four ICO issuers with a real-estate component and more are to be expected in the future. They include; BitRent, a way to speed up...
Office Estate

The rationalisation of the UK public sector’s extensive office estate

Alison White, co-founder of PLACEmaking details her perspective on the rationalisation of the nationwide public sector’s extensive and expensive office estate Whilst the UK’s Government Property Agency (GPA) focuses on centralising ownership of the government estate and, by charging market value rents to departments applying downward pressure to reduce the...
Rationalising the UK government estate through the Government Property Unit

Managing an integrated government estate: Lessons from the UK

Paul Wright-Anderson from the National Audit Office sheds light on the revolution that central government property in the UK is experiencing
Government Property Unit

Rationalising the UK government estate through the Government Property Unit

The Government Property Unit aims to streamline the public-sector estate and generate better value for money from its assets, as OAG discovers The Government Property Unit (GPU) was set up in 2010 as part of the Cabinet Office to get better value for money from the public sector’s extensive property...

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