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online presence

The importance of a complete online presence for businesses

Terri Misters, Marketing Specialist at LCN, explores why businesses must consider all aspects of their online presence.

Unhealthy food promotion will be restricted in retailers from October 2022

Promotions on food and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) in retailers will be restricted from October 2022, UK government announces.
Britain’s high street

How retailers can boost growth post-lockdown through data

Vihan Sharma, Managing Director Europe, LiveRamp, explores why the lockdown pushed Britain’s high street to a tipping point and why we’ll be better for it.
retail and hospitality

How has the pandemic changed the insolvency landscape of retail and hospitality

Edward Wade, Content Author and Technical SEO at Wilson Field, explores how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the insolvency landscape of the retail and hospitality sector.
retail bounce back

Government must place data at the heart of its retail bounce back education strategy

David John, CEO and Founder of Loyalize, discusses why the Government needs to ensure that data is at the heart of its retail bounce back education strategy.
conscious consumerism

How to practise conscious consumerism in a post-pandemic world

Michael Stausholm, founder of Sprout World, discusses what companies and consumers should be doing to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable society.
retail industry

COVID-19 and contactless: Is the retail industry ready for a cashless society?

Here, Richard Cox, managing director of Langley Business Systems, discusses whether the retail industry is ready for a cashless society as COVID-19 spearheads contactless payments.
flexible workspace

Are flexible workspaces the answer to Britain’s ailing high street?

Richard Morris, director at technologywithin, explores whether flexible workspaces could be the solution for ailing retailers.
cutting business rates

Will cutting business rates save the high street?

Nic Redfern, finance director of Know Your Money, discusses whether cutting business rates is enough to save the high street from financial trouble.

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