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digital investment

Should we prioritise digital investment in rural communities?

Roy Shelton, Group Chief Executive Officer of Connectus Business Solutions poses the question, “should we prioritise investment into digital investment in rural communities?”.
Man working on laptop sat outside in rural area

Why we must prioritise investment into digital investment

David Hennell discusses why it's imperative for the future Prime Minister to prioritise digital investment as part of any future ‘Levelling Up’ plans.
Young people walking in a tropical forest in Danum Valley in Borneo

International Youth Day: Rural young people and sustainable living

Open Access Government interviews María Fernanda Ghiso, an expert in Youth Inclusion at the Rainforest Alliance, to understand the role of young people and the environment.
land restoration

Land restoration of abandoned farms can mitigate climate change

With millions of people leaving behind rural areas, land restoration of abandoned farms could help to reverse climate change.
resilient environment, climate change

Cultivating a resilient environment with ground-breaking science

Professor Susan Waldron, Director of Research and Skills at the Natural Environment Research Council emphasises the importance of research and innovation in adapting to climate change.
severe cases of covid-19, care access

Severe cases of COVID-19 can be linked to postal address

Unequal access to care is an ongoing issue reframed by the pandemic, where socially vulnerable areas had more severe cases of COVID-19.
carbon tax on diesel

The rural burden of disproportionately higher carbon tax on diesel

Carbon tax on diesel increased in rural areas, highlighting that rural households often disproportionately share carbon tax prices when urban areas pollute more.
EU's rural areas

European Commission’s long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas

The European Commission's long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas is explored here, with a focus on identifying the challenges and concerns, as well as highlighting the most promising opportunities.

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