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Putin’s defeat? UK observes one year without access to Russian gas

Russian gas has not been purchased for an entire year by Britain, causing Vladimir Putin to suffer severe setbacks in his battle to control the energy market and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
Nuclear power plant energy in Dukovany, view from National Nature Reserve Mohelenska serpentine steppe, Mohelno, Trebic district, Vysocina region, Czech Republic

Alliance formed in G7 to push Russia from the nuclear fuel market

UK, US, Canada, Japan and France agree in the Nuclear Energy Forum to isolate Russia from the nuclear fuel market at the G7.
Pisignano, ITALY - Apr 18, 2013: Italian NATO soldier attending at an italian military public event. Detail of uniform.

Finland joins NATO despite Kremlin’s warnings of “countermeasures”

Finland joins NATO, doubling the size of NATO's border with Russia and provoking threats of "countermeasures" from the Kremlin.
Gas bubbles up from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in September 2022 following the blast

Who is responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline attack?

The Kremlin blames the West for the Nord Stream pipeline attack, and Ukraine denies involvement - so who was responsible?
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO) in Western Siberia. The Salym Petroleum Development Company joint venture between Shell and the Russian oil company Evikhon (a subsidiary of Sibir Energy). Oil production on Upper Salym oilfield

One year on: Impact of the Ukraine war on global energy prices

Kyushu University analyses the impact of the Ukraine war on global energy prices and social surplus using the monthly input-output model of 56 sectors in 44 countries.
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What would happen if there was a nuclear war?

A full-scale nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would see global good systems obliterated and over 5 billion people die of hunger.
Person posting vote

How to prevent cyber attackers’ manipulation of the democratic process

With GCHQ's recent warning that voting was subject to a cyber attack, what can we do to avoid manipulation of the democratic process?
Ukrainian refugees photographed behind steamed up glass

Resilience: What can be learnt from the national response in Ukraine?

Resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions - what can the UK learn from Ukraine's national response to war?
Computer Security Cyber Attack by Toy Soldiers

Protecting against cyber threats from nation states

Looking at the cyber threats posed by nation states, organisations must assess their own risk and prioritise defences against them accordingly.
3d illustration of oil pump jacks on sunset sky background. Concept of growing oil prices

Increasing oil prices could reduce the development of green energy

Increasing oil prices may lead to a reduction in the development of green energy – as oil is still needed in the transition to a carbon-free electricity supply.
Phone showing Putin on screen propped up by gas stove

Another Cold War: EU to cut gas use by 15%

EU to cut gas use by 15% in response to Putin's weaponisation of energy exports - moving one step closer to reducing dependency on Russian energy.
Hacking the Internet, website hacker.

Russian disinformation tackled by new website laws in the UK

New UK laws will require social networks and websites to look for and remove Russian disinformation, including a new criminal offence of 'foreign interference'.
Man lighting stove with match.

Turn it off! EU energy rationing and Russia

Energy rationing is on the cards as Russia continues to use energy as a weapon by limiting supplies in response to EU sanctions.
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First NATO summit since Russia Ukraine war

Allies promise to back Ukraine at first NATO summit since Russia invaded Ukraine, but this is not enough to stop Putin.

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