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millions of open data maps, geospatial data

Jisc gives academics access to millions of open data maps

The Jisc Geospatial Data service will give academics access to millions of open data maps, including the use of live satellite imagery.
solve environmental problems, UK space sector

UK wants to solve environmental problems from space

A new directory focuses UK expertise in satellite technology and how it can help solve environmental problems such as illegal deforestation, disaster response, and food production.
space power country, Mission SHakti

Mission Shakti: India becomes fourth space power country

Today (27 March), India shot down their own satellite as part of Mission Shakti, becoming a space power country like the USA, Russia, and China.
improve technology in UK agriculture

£90 million to revolutionise tech in UK agriculture

Business Secretary Greg Clark, announced plans to invest £90 million into improving technology in UK agriculture at the National Farmers’ Union Conference (February 21st).
Digital revolution

Space: An essential sector for Europe at a time of digital revolution

Sebastien Moranta, coordinator of studies at the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) explores why space is an essential sector for Europe during a time of digital revolution The international space community recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1 (October 4th, 1957), humankind’s first step into the...
UK space mission

Australia joins UK space mission as radar launch partner

The UK space mission NovaSAR has gained a new radar launch partner as Australia comes on board, signing a 10% share in the project
iceberg A-68

6,000 km iceberg A-68 set to break free

Giant Antarctic iceberg A-68 broke off from the Larsen Ice Shelf in July and is set to fully break free after months of little movement
first UK spaceport rocket launch

Could the first UK spaceport be built by 2020?

Spaceflight Bill aims to send scientists into space for zero-gravity experiments and start commercial flights from the first UK spaceport within three years New powers announced today will pave the way for satellite launches, horizontal flights to the edge of space for scientific experiments, and the building of spaceports in...

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