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arctic conservation, marine mammals

Arctic conservation: Scientists listen to the sounds of the seascape

In the northern Bering Sea, scientists undertook a four-year acoustic monitoring project to understand Arctic conservation needs for five marine mammals.
peptide science and technology, university of porto

Peptides: Why advancing peptide science and technology should be a priority

Paula Gomes, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Senior Researcher in Bioorganic and Peptide Chemistry at the University of Porto, Portugal, explains why peptides are amongst the most promising molecules for the future.

Materials characterisation in support of power generation

Mechanical characterisation of high-performance materials has been a long-standing area of expertise at Swansea University. A succession of academics has promoted an intimate relationship with the power generation industry, in particular, working on alloys aligned to gas turbine technologies. A world-renowned research group focussing on high-temperature creep, fatigue and...

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