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Emergency response

Turning an emergency response into a strategic benefit using pseudonymisation

Here, Rob Fotheringham, Director of Fotheringham Associates, explains how pseudonymisation can allow organisations to utilise invaluable data received through the emergency response to COVID-19, to benefit future research and analysis.
analytical datasets

A safer approach to creating analytical datasets

Pseudonymisation is a safer approach to prepare your data for analytics, argues Rob Fotheringham, Managing Director from Fotheringham Associates.
application consolidation, technology landscape

Transformation as a catalyst for application consolidation

Rob Fotheringham, Managing Director at Fotheringham Associates, highlights the opportunities available for organisations to simplify their technology landscape through application consolidation.
digital transformation strategy

Saving on your digital transformation strategy

Rob Fotheringham, Managing Director at Fotheringham Associates, offers advice on how to get the most out of your digital transformation strategy with the potential to save money on unnecessary investment.
dividend for transformation, fotheringham associates

Finding a dividend for transformation

Rob Fotheringham, Managing Director, highlights the work conducted at Fotheringham Associates to help businesses develop a successful digital transformation strategy.
pragmatic digital transformation, Fotheringham Associates

Observations on pragmatic digital transformation

Rob Fotheringham, Managing Director at Fotheringham Associates shares his thoughts on pragmatic digital transformation and the observations he has made in this vein which will help you on your journey.

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