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Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany, a cultural heritage site

Climate information for cultural heritage resilience

Lola Kotova from Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) unpacks climate information for strengthening the resilience of cultural heritage in times of anthropogenic climate change, presenting in this vein a fascinating case study for Germany.
Forest dieback using the example of a group of diseased spruces in a mixed forest in Germany

Understanding the impact of drought on forests: Bridging science and practice

Due to the very long rotation times of trees 100 years old or more, the forest sector is being particularly affected by the changes brought about by climate change, especially by the impact of drought.
Safeguarding against climate change impacts

Safeguarding against climate change impacts

Urban areas are prone to climate change impacts. Simultaneously, the world’s population increasingly resides in cities. What needs to be done to protect them?
Green hydrogen production offshore: developing accepted solutions PtX production platform

Green hydrogen production offshore: developing accepted solutions

GERICS discusses the production of green hydrogen offshore for sustainable energy solutions in Germany.
climate forecast

European Climate Prediction system project (EUCP)

GERICS connects stakeholders and researchers in the EU project EUCP (European Climate Prediction system project).
The Net-Zero-2050 Web-Atlas

The Net‐Zero‐2050 Web-Atlas: Using a digital tool for knowledge transfer

The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) was initiated by the German Federal Government in 2009 as a fundamental part of the German high‐tech strategy for climate protection Since June 2014, GERICS has been an independent scientific organizational unit of the Helmholtz‐Zentrum Hereon. The interdisciplinary team at GERICS develops scientifically based prototype...
sustainability science

Research priorities for sustainability science

Future Earth highlights pertinent research gaps and suggests forthcoming fields of research in the field of sustainability science.
climate change adaptation, Impact Factor

Climate Services – the latest science for practice

Daniela Jacob, Director of Institute Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), explains how the Climate Services journal brings us the latest details about science for practice.

Coastal seas & their role towards Net-Zero 2050

Experts from GERICS explain what we need to know about coastal seas and their role towards the Net-Zero 2050 target. First, we learn how GERICS encourages a better understanding of future coasts and their role in Net-Zero pathways COP26 in Glasgow once again highlighted the pressure on the global community...
Climate change

Science for Climate Services and Action – Reflections on the COP26

Reviewing the impact of COP26 on climate services and what this means going forward for the pivotal role of science and science-based decisions.
Climate Outlook

GERICS Climate Outlook at county level

Diana Rechid, Sebastian Bathiany and Susanne Pfeifer, assess the future climatic changes in Germany at county level, in the GERICS Climate Outlook report.

GERICS: Helping decision-makers navigate the IPCC reports

The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) is offering support to researchers, policymakers and practitioners in deciphering complex IPCC reports, highlights Scientist Maike Nicolai.

GERICS helps decision-makers navigate the IPCC reports

GERICS explains the basics of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) process in detail with their information leaflets.
climate action

Supporting climate action in the agricultural sector

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) discusses here how innovative climate service products can help inform climate adaptation and mitigation, particularly within the agricultural sector.
scientific networks, climate

How scientific networks bring cutting-edge science upfront

When it comes to developing functional ideas for climate, scientific networks are crucial for bringing cutting-edge science upfront.
Climate Service Center - GERICS

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS)

The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) was initiated by the German Federal Government in 2009 as a fundamental part of the German hightech-strategy for climate protection. Since June 2014, GERICS has been a scientific organizational entity of Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon GmbH. The director of GERICS is meteorologist and climate scientist...
sustainable coastal systems

Climate services for resilient and sustainable coastal systems

Prof Dr Daniela Jacob at Climate Service Centre Germany (GERICS), explains here how climate services safeguard the development of resilient and sustainable coastal systems.
climate risk information

Climate risk information: An essential service for planning

Here, The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) talks us through some key strategies for using climate risk information to change the world.

GERICS coordinates scientific underpinning for a CO2-neutral Germany

Here, GERICS presents how they develop tools and solutions in interdisciplinary collaboration with 9 Helmholtz Centres for a roadmap to make Germany CO2-neutral by 2050.
climate modelling capabilities, climate change

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) works to improve urban climate modelling capabilities

Here, GERICS discusses how they are engaging with stakeholders to improve urban climate modelling capabilities and fight climate change.

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