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HEdpAY is a pioneer in connecting traditional banking and the crypto universe.

Created to be the first and most authoritative financial institution, HEdpAY enables users to transfer their fiat currency into crypto quickly, safely and compliantly. HEdpAY is creating blockchain-based solutions that will finally bring crypto use to the mass market, revolutionising a financial system that is still anchored to traditional banking standards.

With its headquarters in London UK, and offices in Canada, Italy and Lithuania, HEdpAY is the brainchild of IBIG Investments Ltd and its CEO Vicken Kaprelian. It was formed in 2017 to lead and develop the concept of the Innovative Future Banking platform. HEdpAY Ltd will be guaranteed through a decentralized, global banking service platform utilising the authoritative financial structure for fiat and cryptocurrencies, currencies exchange, securities and Merchants or Agents with developed risk assessment, AML and KYC compliance systems.

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Filling the gap between traditional banking and crypto

Whilst some people still ‘trust’ traditional financial institutions, many people are looking for a new world of banking including crypto, HEdpAY explores here.
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Forming HEdpAY Alliance Group for adoption of crypto banking

Founder and CEO of HEdpAY explains how the creation of alliances in various sectors of business can provide financial services solution within the crypto banking ecosystem.
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Bridging the gap between traditional banking and crypto

The Founder and CEO of HEdpAY reveals his ultimate vision to be the leading company in FinTech by bridging the gap between the traditional financial services and the crypto ecosystem in today’s global market

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