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Anxious, depressed woman lying on sofa 'doomscrolling' on mobile phone

What is doomscrolling and why is it bad for us?

Doomscrolling can become a compulsive habit and affects our mental and physical health, here's why it's bad for us.
universal phone charger, e-waste

Group of MEPs vote to enforce universal phone charger

MEPs voted in a proposal that would see universal phone chargers become the norm, in an effort to decrease electronic waste.
digital finance

Digital finance haunted by traditional inequalities in Global South

While digital finance seems to be the way of the future, access to mobile phones may amplify economic disparities among women in the Global South.
rechargeable lithium batteries, battery capacity

Scientists can restore lifespan of a dead lithium battery

Researchers have found a way to revitalise rechargeable lithium batteries, potentially improving the capacity of next generation batteries.
mobile app acceleration

Mobile app acceleration during the pandemic

Mike Rhodes, CEO of ConsultMyApp, discusses what businesses must do to leverage their mobile apps/digital brand and survive in a post-covid era.
election process

How are mobile apps transforming the election process?

In this article, content creator Peter Davidson discusses how mobile apps are making a difference in the election process.
evolution of connected cars

Parking and the evolution of connected cars

Jonny Combe, UK CEO of PayByPhone, says that cashless parking technology is developing rapidly, but more work lies ahead before parking services can be offered as a built-in function in the connected cars of the future.
mobile industry

How have security threats revamped the mobile industry?

Tech geek Devin Smith highlights how the mobile industry has been revamped to counter security threats posed by cyber crime in this article.
internet technology

5G potential: How does is compare to other Internet technology?

Experts predict that 5G will be able to reach speeds of up to 10,000Mb per second (10GB/s), but how does it compare with other Internet technology - and what will its impact be?
draining your data

The apps that are draining your data more than you think

For gym-goers, commuters and the 50% of adults that use their smartphones whilst walking, a new study has revealed how much popular video and music streaming apps are draining your data.
word of cybercrime, insidesecure

Cybersecurity expert discusses changing world of cybercrime

Speaking to Open Access Government, cybersecurity expert and Vice President of InsideSecure, Asaf Ashekenazi discusses with us the changing world of cybercrime.
ageing process

Smartphone overuse can speed up the ageing process

Millions of Brits risk speeding up the ageing process of their eyes due to excessive time in front of mobile phones, tablets and computer screens, warn health experts at Optical Express
blockchain shipping platform

Oslo based blockchain platform launches first ICO crowd token presale to fund delivery service

An Oslo based blockchain shipping platform, Triwer, has announced the launch of their first ICO crowd token pre-sale later this month to fund their innovative delivery service
wearable devices

The future of wearable devices in the workplace

With the international market for wearable devices having reached a new high in 2017 with 16.9% growth year on year, Instant Offices delves into what impact this trend will have on the workplace as we know it
mobile technology

Mobile technology is helping to transform the way the UK delivers aid abroad

Entrepreneurs will explore how to use mobile technology to help tackle humanitarian challenges around the world
fingerprint technology

West Yorkshire Police trial new mobile fingerprint technology

New mobile fingerprint technology will allow police officers to use their smartphones to identify people in less than a minute An app on an officer’s smartphone, combined with a handheld scanner, will mean police will be able to check fingerprints against both criminal and immigration records by connecting to the...
organic battery

Scientists design organic battery to power medical implants

Scientists in Belfast have designed a flexible organic battery which could revolutionise how medical implants are powered and remove patient discomfort Devices like pacemakers could be powered by the new organic battery, which is flexible and lasts three times longer than current medical batteries as well as being made of...

Investigation into the impact of smartphones on behaviour in lessons

An investigation into training teachers to tackle poor pupil behaviour will also cover issues relating to smartphones in lessons. Schools Minister Nick Gibb has announced an investigation into behaviour will be expanded to cover issues including the use of mobile phones and devices in schools. Tom Bennett, former teacher and government...

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