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suicide risk, adolescents

Cause of suicide risk in brain identified by researchers

Suicide is the cause of death for 800,000 people globally, with one person every 40 seconds: What have researchers identified about suicide risk in the brain?
self harm rate, middle aged men

Researchers find high self-harm rate for middle-aged men

Self-harm rates in middle-aged men increased significantly following the 2008 financial crisis, according to a study led by researchers at The University of Manchester.
approach to mental health, societal expectations men

Should employers take a gendered approach to mental health?

The 'masculinity' of men infringes on their access to psychological help: Read this to hear a helpful approach to mental health.
harmed by the internet, UK digital secretary

UK Digital Secretary meets those harmed by the internet

An upcoming White Paper will outline steps government will take to ensure the UK is a safer place to be online for those harmed by the internet
neurobiological research, treat mental illness

Neurobiological research drives the ability to treat mental illness

Jeffrey Borenstein, of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation argues that research drives the ability to treat mental illness and why funding innovative neurobiological research is a priority.
suicide prevention, cross-government

First ever cross-government suicide prevention plan published

The cross-government plan for suicide prevention has a focus on how social media and the latest technology can identify those most at risk.
workplace mental health

Good management is essential for positive mental health in the workplace

Mental Health Europe’s Director Maria Nyman shares insights on how to promote a positive work environment to improve workplace mental health The benefits of promoting positive workplace mental health, as well as the existing psychosocial risks linked to work and employment, are widely acknowledged. Most of us will also know...
Suicide rates Samaritans helpline

Suicide rates are ‘unacceptably high’, say Health Committee

The Health Committee says a clear implementation strategy and increased support for public mental health services are needed to bring down suicide rates In its interim report into suicide prevention, the Health Committee outlines the main themes emerging from witnesses to its inquiry. The findings are being presented to government...

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