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mobility ecosystem

Preparing for the mobility ecosystem of the future

Technological trends and new mobility solutions could lead to a very different mobility ecosystem in the future. Customers expect mobility operators to provide services that are fast, reliable, convenient and personalized, as major developments have opened up a range of new options for individual mobility.
commercial aircraft

Agenda 2030 and international aviation

Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization, explores how international aviation contributes to Agenda 2030 by empowering local sustainable development through global connections Every 24 hours, some 10 million global travellers are being carried around the world on just over 100,000 flights. Commercial aircraft also carry over half...

Electric cars could be used to help power the grid

New research into whether or not electric cars could return power to the National Grid is set to gain £20m government funding

The government unveils plans to promote cycling and walking

A £1.2 billion programme set out by the government aims to restore walking and cycling as the ‘go to’ method of transport for short journeys
A sustainable transport strategy for Europe

A sustainable transport strategy for Europe

M F Warrender, Open Access Government, highlights EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc’s innovative plan to finance sustainable transport and infrastructure projects
Milton Keynes EV charging infrastructure

Milton Keynes’ EV charging infrastructure to be expanded

As part of the delivery of the UK’s first Go Ultra Low City, Milton Keynes’ EV charging infrastructure is undergoing significant expansion After being awarded £9 million as part of the government’s Go Ultra Low Cities programme in January 2016, the public charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in Milton...
Fuel efficient cars electric charging point

Future fuel efficient cars set to boost consumer savings

The fuel efficient cars of the future will save money for consumers as well as being better for the environment, according to a new study from BEUC A report commissioned by BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, has found that fuel efficient cars will save consumers considerable amounts over the next...
electric bike

First electric bike share scheme rolled out in Exeter

Exeter is the first city in the UK to launch an electric bike share scheme, which aims to reduce transport pollution and congestion… An electric bike scheme has been launched in Exeter - the first of which to be launched in the UK. The Co-Bikes scheme was launched last week and...

Investing in sustainable transport in Ireland

The Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport in the Republic of Ireland, Paschal Donohoe explains how investment in transport is essential to the economy. A well-functioning transport system is essential to a well-functioning economy. If we fail to invest in, and facilitate, efficient transport, we impose a range of costs...
The first bio-bus in the UK goes into service

The first bio-bus in the UK goes into service

The first UK bus powered by human and food waste has gone into service between the cities of Bristol and Bath. The UK's first bus to run on biomethane gas has been launched. The 40-seat “Bio-Bus” can travel up to 300km (186 miles) on one tank of gas. This takes...

Asset management in the rail industry

Benefits of adopting the new ISO 55000 standard For many years the Rail Industry has been relatively stable with progressive evolution and development, however more recently significant changes have been seen. The recent development and technological advancements have resulted in numerous efficiencies with more transportation being undertaken on the rail...

Leading electronic control for vehicle energy optimisation

A key factor for environmentally-friendly fuel-efficient vehicles. In the near future, substantial changes in mobility and land transport will take place. Population growth, energy issues, environment preservation and improvement of life quality and mobility safety will require revolutionary innovations. The automotive industry will need to undergo a deep transformation to...
sustainable transport

Encouraging sustainable transport in local areas

Transport is a sector that affects everyone, whether it be via train, catching a bus or driving through rush hour traffic. However, road transport is reportedly the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU after power generation

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