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Prioritising equality and transparency in Swiss research

Here, Open Access Government examines the priorities of the Swiss National Science Foundation’s Matthias Egger, following his re-election as President of the National Research Council.
research funding in switzerland

Keeping up research funding in Switzerland

Here, Open Access Government maps out Switzerland’s research funding plans in 2020 onwards to maintain its position as a world leader in research, innovation, and education.
economic research

Enabling and promoting economic research in Switzerland

The aims of the Society of Economics and Statistics in Switzerland are discussed here, which includes enabling and promoting economic research and encouraging the work of young economists.
Blockchain Innovation April

Blockchain Innovation April 2019

In the latest Blockchain Innovation April edition, we discover why Switzerland has become the hub for blockchain businesses, the latest technology trends in hospitality for 2019 and how blockchain is enabling data to be shared.
citizenship rights agreement, EU human rights mechanism

UK and Switzerland sign citizens’ rights agreement

The UK has now signed a citizens' rights agreement with Switzerland, in an increment of the necessary preparation for disengaging EU human rights mechanisms.
blockchain companies

Crypto Valley: Why Switzerland is a world-leading location for blockchain companies

Heinz Tännler, President of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, Government Councillor and Finance Director of the Canton of Zug, explains why Switzerland has become one of the world’s leading locations for blockchain companies.
focus on blockchain

Swiss government is putting special focus on blockchain

250 participants attended Infrachain 18, in Switzerland, the first blockchain conference focused on the public sector and infrastructure
Open Access

No more paywalls: Open Access as of 2020

President of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Matthias Egger reveals the organisation’s exciting new open access policy in this interview
Digital Innovations

Blockchain and initial coin offerings: Switzerland as an attractive location for digital innovations

Switzerland’s Federal Department of Finance (FDF) explains the country’s position as an attractive location for digital innovations, focussing on blockchain and initial coin offerings (ICOs)

Geneva cryptocurrency conference will discuss all the details of investing in ICO

February 21, 2018, for the first time, Switzerland (Geneva) will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. The event is dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as to ICO – the cryptocurrency crowd sales The conference participants' will focus on the features of crypto economics, investment in blockchain, data protection...
blockchain taskforce

Swiss government announces launch of blockchain taskforce

The Swiss government has created a blockchain taskforce to begin regulatory framework on startups and initial coin offerings
Crypto Valley

Switzerland, blockchain’s spiritual home

The Crypto Valley Association’s Tom Lyons argues that along with its competitive advantages, decentralised culture and democratic tradition have made Switzerland an epicentre of the blockchain revolution Few places in the world are more idyllic than the Swiss city of Zug. Situated on a pristine alpine lake, snow-capped peaks in...
research publications

All SNSF research publications to become freely available as of 2020

As of 2020, all research publications produced by SNSF-funded projects are to be freely available in digital format Based on the decision by the National Research Council, the Swiss National Science Foundation will expect all publications to be available free of charge as of 2020 as Open Access is quickly...

The burden of non-communicable diseases

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health shares the strategies in place for non-communicable diseases and the importance evidence-based prevention policy

Attracting talented researchers remains a focus of the SNSF

Open Access Government highlights how the SNSF is supporting science in Switzerland while attracting talented researchers into the field
Horizon 2020: What full association means for Swiss research

Horizon 2020: What full association means for Swiss research

Philipp Langer, head of the EU Framework Programmes section, SERI, highlights Switzerland’s participation in Horizon 2020 now it has full association
Switzerland Horizon 2020 access

Switzerland’s Horizon 2020 access returned

Switzerland’s Horizon 2020 associated country status will be reinstated following the resolution of a dispute over the free movement of people with the EU Researchers in Switzerland will once again have equal access to the Horizon 2020 funding programme from 1 January 2017, the European Commission has revealed. Since September 2014,...

Managing the forests of Switzerland

Forests play a pivotal role in the environment, here AG assesses how Switzerland’s forests are maintained. Forests not only act as places of tranquillity and recreation, but also play a major role in providing essential services and resources for people, plants and animals. Across the globe, forests contribute substantially to...

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