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medical costs, patients with thyroid cancer

Reducing medical costs of patients with thyroid cancer by centralising medical functions

Professor Hiroki Konno at Nihon University explores proposals for reducing medical costs for patients with thyroid cancer in Japan.
lethal brain tumour, glioblastoma

Cytomegalovirus & glioblastoma: Solving the riddle

Sean Lawler, Associate Professor at Brown University, explains solving the riddle when it comes to the cytomegalovirus virus and the lethal brain tumour, glioblastoma.
brain tumours and seizures, epilepsy research UK

Epilepsy, brain tumours and pioneering neurosurgery

Maxine Smeaton, Chief Executive of Epilepsy Research UK delves into the common yet complex connections between brain tumours and seizures.
genomic instability, 3d imaging

Visualising genomic instability in cancer

Sabine Mai and Aline Rangel-Pozzo from CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute, The University of Manitoba, explore how 3D imaging and quantitative analysis provide key insights into genomic instability.
brain tumour diagnosis

A look at brain tumour diagnosis & therapy

Andrew Brodbelt, Consultant Neurosurgeon at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, describes what we need to know about brain tumour diagnosis & therapy.
microvascular dysfunction, treatment

LRG1: An emerging therapeutic target for the treatment of microvascular dysfunction

John Greenwood PhD and Stephen E. Moss PhD explore the imminent potential of LRG1 as a microvascular dysfunction treatment.
how cancer spread, canine cancer

Scientists identify sea as how cancer spread 6,000 years ago

Researchers found out how cancer spread around the world, between sea-faring dogs around 6,000 years ago in Asia.
molecular signalling

TGF-β signalling – Tumor biology in prostate cancer

Identifying the molecular signalling pathways leading to advanced prostate cancer to improve therapy and diagnosis
brain tumour

At the frontier of brain tumour research, we must leave no stone unturned

With the Government set to invest an additional £20 million into the research, diagnosis and development of treatments for brain tumours, Dr Ali Hansford elaborates on the need to talk more about how we are going to find the next blockbuster treatments for these devastating diseases
burden of cancer

The global burden of cancer in young adults

Dr Miranda Fidler from the International Agency for Research on Cancer highlights the burden of cancer and the need for prevention, diagnosis, and care Cancer is a major cause of morbidity and mortality across all age groups in both developed and transitioning countries. Although substantial research on cancer in children...
early stage cancer

Early stage diagnosis – spotting early stage cancer events

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe, Vandana Iyer and Bhargav Rajan from Frost & Sullivan examine of how nanotechnology helps spot early stage cancer
Gynecologic cancer

Research at Oslo University Hospital in the field of Gynaecologic cancer

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) is a big hospital formed by the merger of 4 hospitals. The State Hospital, the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Ullevaal Hospital and Aker Hospital. It serves as a local hospital for about 600,000 inhabitants and as a referral centre for about 2.8 million people. As a...

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