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'Lucy's Law' legislation

New ‘Lucy’s Law’ legislation to end puppy and kitten farming

New 'Lucy's Law' legislation to end puppy and kitten farming will be laid in Parliament today (13 May), the Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced.
fraudulent dog breeders

Millions raised by HMRC taskforce tackling fraudulent dog breeders

More than £5 million has been raised by a HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) taskforce tackling fraudulent dog breeders selling puppies on the black market.
Asia Analysis

Asia Analysis – April 2019

In this first-ever Asia Analysis edition, we hear from Masanori Osum, Philippe de Taxis du Poët about the current EU-Japan trade investment and Nai-Chi Hsiao on new earthquake alert technology, along with more Asia industry insights.
UK pork industry

The UK pork industry: Demand, opportunities and challenges

AHDB Strategy Director – Pork, Angela Christison argues that the British pork industry has much to be proud of but while the demand is strong, so is the competition.
Finn's Law

Finn’s Law Bill passes its final Commons stages

Today the Service Animals Bill, also known as Finn's Law, passed its final Commons stages and will proceed to the House of Lords.
two child limit, amber rudd

Amber Rudd retracts two child limit on Universal Credit

The announcement of partial retraction to the two child limitation came today.

Global Disability Summit submits ambitious commitments to tackle discrimination

The UK's first ever Global Disability has yielded ambitious commitments from a host of governments and other organisations to tackle discrimination and stigma against people with disabilities

DVLA launches new national eyesight awareness campaign

DVLA is asking drivers to look again in a new EYE 735T campaign that is being launched today (Monday 23 July) 

The impact of welfare reform on social housing tenants and housing associations

Sue Ramsden, Policy Leader for Welfare at the National Housing Federation tells us about the impact of welfare reform on social housing tenants and housing associations
Universal Basic Opportunity Fund

‘Universal Basic Opportunity Fund’ could pave way for full basic income

A new Universal Basic Opportunity Fund could anchor workers for the challenges of the 2020s amid widespread economic insecurity, a new paper says
Uk unemployment rate stays low

UK unemployment rate still lowest in over a decade

Figures released today show the UK unemployment rate still at its lowest since 2005, but a rise in the number of Universal Credit claimants The Office for National Statistics released figures today which show that the UK unemployment rate remains at its lowest level in over a decade. Unemployment is...
New benefit cap reduces cash

Oxford households could lose out with new benefit cap

Oxford households could be hit hard this month as the government reduces the amount of cash a family can receive under a new benefit cap Tenants in Oxford could lose up to £1.1 million a year in housing benefits due to new caps to be in place later this month. As...
New lower benefits cap is set to take effect across UK

New lower benefits cap takes effect across UK

A new, lower benefits cap - a limit on the income working age households can receive in certain benefits - comes into force today across the UK The benefits cap has been reduced today from £26,000 a year to £20,000 a year, except in Greater London where the limit is...

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