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The Behavioural Science Consortium

The Behavioural Science Consortium brings together academics from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Manchester to provide behavioural science expertise to Government and the public sector.

The Behavioural Science Consortium comprises academics from two UK Universities with world-leading research in behavioural science and public policy across a range of topic areas, from obesity to housing.

Behavioural Science consortium

Our approach is informed by cutting edge, evidence-based approaches and rigorous evaluations to ensure that all government policy decisions and services, and their evaluations, are informed by the best behavioural science.

What we do:

The Behavioural Science Consortium provides a range of services:

  • Identifying where behavioural science might be applied within your organisation or service
  • Providing explanations as to why people behave in the way they do and how we can design services to best meet their needs
  • Identifying what behaviours need to change and using evidence-based approaches to change them
  • Providing practical solutions that meet your needs and constraints
  • Evaluating existing or new interventions to change behaviours using a wide range of research methods including trials, observation, and qualitative approaches
  • Training to enable your employees to understand and apply behavioural science in their day to day work.

behavioural science consortium

Our experts:

The Behavioural Science Consortium draws on academic expertise from across both Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Manchester

We have a range of practical expertise and experience including:

  • development of behaviour change interventions
  • evaluation of behaviour change interventions
  • policy evaluation
  • housing policy and practice
  • education policy and practice
  • randomised controlled trials
  • questionnaire design and psychometric testing
  • systematic reviewing and meta-analysis
  • conducting interview and focus groups and analysis of qualitative data

We have experience of working across a range of domains and behaviours including:

  • health promoting behaviours (e.g. dental health, hearing health)
  • health risk behaviours (e.g. smoking, doping)
  • food choice and physical activity
  • adherence to medication and self-care
  • organisational culture and change
  • health professional communication
  • crime and policing
  • risk perception and decision making

We draw on the expertise of academics across a number of Departments and Research Centres


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