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The Novacyt Group – a specialist diagnostic solutions provider within the healthcare industry

The Novacyt Group offer an increasing portfolio of in-vitro diagnostic tests, utilising molecular and protein detection technologies

At Novacyt Group, we pride ourselves in concentrating our expertise on specific market needs. Offering a comprehensive and developing portfolio of quality products, backed by proven supply and delivery services, to ensure the highest possible standards of customer service around the world. Our passion is for customer-centric solutions that advance the science behind diagnostics. This fuels our drive to deliver products that save lives and help in the fight against infectious disease.

We offer an increasing portfolio of in-vitro diagnostic tests, utilising molecular and protein detection technologies – supporting healthcare and disease prevention across the globe. Deep strengths in product development, commercialisation, contract design and manufacturing ensure quality products and robust supply. Our Group has specialist experience and expertise throughout our business units: Primerdesign, Microgen Bioproducts and Lab21 Healthcare – creating solutions for the diagnostics industry, supplying an extensive range of high-quality assays and reagents worldwide.

The Group directly serves the microbiology, haematology, and serology markets, with customers ranging from hospitals to multinational corporates. We are also investing in innovative new product development in therapy areas such as infectious disease testing, respiratory and transplant.

A couple of our best innovations at a glance, for more innovations visit www.novacyt.com

Novacyt innovations

genesig® is Novacyt’s range of qPCR kits for Pathogen detection, Food and Water testing, Veterinary and Agricultural testing and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

The genesig® Real-Time PCR COVID-19 (CE)kits can detect nucleic acids from SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs, sputum, and saliva. They offer rapid detection (providing results in under 2 hours), without compromising the high sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy you expect from Novacyt.

Novacyt innovations

The PathFlow® range of products from Novacyt are a complete solution for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Our contribution to the COVID-19 testing solutions has proven that we can quickly respond to any changing global health needs

As a pioneer in clinical diagnostics, Novacyt has a proven history of responding quickly to changing global health needs, including providing testing solutions for Zika, swine flu, and Ebola viruses. Solidifying this position, Novacyt were among the first to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, providing a rapid and reliable CE-IVD marked SARS-CoV-2 test kit.

covid 19


As the pandemic continues to develop, robust and ongoing analysis becomes crucial. Armed with the knowledge that molecular exploration provides, we can be more prepared for new changes that unfold as the situation progresses.

Our SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance programme allows us to closely monitor the virus as it spreads. Identifying and observing new mutations has enabled us to respond rapidly, and deliver testing solutions, compatible with newly emerging variants.


The ability to reliably identify COVID-19 cases, and distinguish them from similar diseases, is essential to control the spread of the virus. Our streamlined research & development pipelines and commitment to innovation has enabled us to develop a suite of COVID-19 solutions that achieve accurate identification of the virus. These include both molecular tests – which enable direct detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens – and antibody tests. Direct detection assays determine whether someone is currently infected with the virus. In contrast, antibody testing measures the presence of antibodies against COVID-19 in the blood, and therefore, whether an individual has been infected in the past.


As the pandemic evolves, Novacyt has continued to respond. Utilising proven experience as a leader in clinical diagnostics to not only detect the virus, but to also identify those who have been previously exposed through an evaluation of immune response.

The demand for testing, and antibody tests, will continue to increase once vaccines have been introduced on a large scale. Our demonstrated ability to rapidly respond to changing public health needs means we can help you navigate the challenges ahead.

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