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TIYGA™ Health’s smart patient diary hands patients the power of “little data”

TIYGA™ Health’s smart patient diary hands patients the power of “little data”

TIYGA™ Health’s patient diary app is pioneering greater engagement and communication between healthcare providers and patients. Flexible and easy-to-use, this digital health tool is empowering patients to better understand and gain control over their illness. It is currently being used to explore Long COVID and other conditions with similar symptoms, such as fibromyalgia and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

Tracking symptoms to make an “invisible” illness visible

As of October 2021, an estimated 1.2 million people in the UK were experiencing long COVID. Around two-thirds say the condition negatively affects their ability to perform day-to-day activities. 1 in 5 say they are “limited a lot”. The TIYGA™ app can track – and learn from – health and other lifestyle factors in real time to develop a better understanding of this emerging illness. “Little Data” is what we know about ourselves.

Nurse Saskia Mulder contracted COVID-19 in March 2020. This developed into the poorly understood illness known as ‘Long COVID.’

“I now function at around 30-40% of the person I was – and that’s on a good day,” says Saskia. Writing in the TIYGA™ blog, she describes her debilitating symptoms and the difficulty of living with an “invisible” disorder.

TIYGA™ has been working closely with Saskia and other people with Long COVID to help them record and understand their symptoms. “TIYGA™ has been vital in giving us long haulers a voice,” Saskia says. “This company has been capturing our daily symptoms through the use of an app, which has been simple to use and understand.”

TIYGA™ is analysing this smart patient diary data for patterns and trends. It is producing reports that will help healthcare professionals better support Long COVID patients for whom recovery is proving a lengthy process. Combining “little data” from these individuals with “big data” at the population level may be important in developing a complete picture of COVID-19’s long-term impacts.

Improving efficiency with a digital health tool

The opportunity for patients to record health data in real time – and for healthcare providers to review it remotely when convenient to them – provides new communication channels, helps manage the building pressure on in-person services, and empowers patients.

TIYGA™ slots perfectly into this growing demand for the ability to self-manage our own health and wellbeing using digital health technology. The app integrates a smart patient diary into today’s healthcare delivery landscape in a manageable and customisable way by:

  • supporting patients and healthcare providers across a variety of use cases, from weight management courses to persistent pain clinics;
  • spotting changes and flagging up potential issues between appointments;
  • offering a fully customisable interface, with healthcare practitioners able to set and define terms;
  • allowing patients to check in as regularly as needed to generate useful and practical time-sensitive data;
  • supporting the transition between care settings, for example referral from primary to secondary care.

The hope is that in future, TIYGA™ could complement digital health technology systems that are already in use. There is potential to incorporate the platform into existing delivery pathways to streamline the reporting and sharing of patients’ symptoms, activities and wellbeing. Instead of the patient being asked to repeat the same information to various healthcare practitioners, the most relevant data could be accessed at each consultation to best inform that particular discussion and decision-making process.

Building relationships with patients

The TIYGA™ patient diary app can “be there” for patients between clinic visits. The ability for healthcare professionals to customise fields and healthcare terms and check in on each patient remotely helps with relationship-building. This pushes up attendance rates and makes it more likely that patients seek help if their symptoms worsen. It can also motivate patients to adhere to medication, physiotherapy exercises, or other recommended lifestyle changes.

Dr Pamela Bell, Chair of the Pain Alliance of Northern Ireland has over two decades of experience as a Consultant in Pain Medicine: “Therapeutic success is only achieved when the patient is fully engaged in managing their own pain,” she says.

“For many, chronic pain is a daily experience, yet the amount of time spent with their GP, Consultant or other healthcare professional is very limited. The ability to record pain, activity, sleep, mood and side effects of medication in real time and to share this in an effective way with their healthcare professional through the TIYGA™ app is a significant aid to communication.”

The future is calling

TIYGA™ Health continues to build momentum, empowering people to take control of their daily lives, discover patterns, and understand their behaviours to make better choices for their health and wellbeing. Time Is Your Greatest Asset!

Interested in creating a patient workshop? Get in touch with TIYGA™ today to start co-creating tracking profiles to tailor the app to your patients’ needs.

Looking to streamline communication between your patients and colleagues and save time during consultations? TIYGA™ wants to work closely with healthcare practitioners along the service delivery pathway who are keen to trial and inform the platform’s role-based reporting. Get in touch for an informal discussion.

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