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Translational Imaging Innovations – developing better diagnostics

Our goal is to enable translational researchers to develop better diagnostics and therapies, with more predictable benefits

Translational Imaging Innovations has the goal of unleashing the power of the eye to transform medical diagnostics.

Every year we take millions of pictures of our eyes to take care of our vision – and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Imaging the eye is rapidly becoming central to our management of diabetes, and we are increasingly using imaging of the eye to diagnose neurological disease, such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. But looking at images is just not enough. The amount of unused information embedded in today’s images is staggering. What’s missing is an efficient, practical way to unlock all of the medical value hidden
inside these images.

Integrated Translational Imaging® is a unified platform that addresses the needs of all stakeholders in one single,
collaborative, and secure, environment.

Why Integrated Translational Imaging®?

Because collecting, managing, and using all of these images is hard and getting harder. Not to mention complicated and frustrating.
 Because the sheer volume of images collected and the different ways we create images is accelerating rapidly. Because efforts to develop new drugs and diagnostics using these images is necessarily collaborative and multidisciplinary. Because homegrown individual methods do not foster collaboration and the reuse of data. And because of these stakeholders has a unique need with respect to imaging LATTICE solves each of these problems.

The Integrated Translational Imaging® suite solves each of these problems, collecting, managing, and analyzing data all in one, easy-to-use unified platform.

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