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UCL Translational Research Office (TRO)

UCL’s Translational Research Office (TRO) builds on an increasingly vibrant translational culture across the university and the wider community by providing integrated support for translational research, industrial partnerships and drug discovery.

The TRO bridges the gap between academia and the commercial healthcare sector by de-risking UCL’s novel science.

Our aim is to provide practical support to PIs wishing to navigate the translational pathway for their project, overcoming the hurdles and barriers that are inevitably faced, to facilitate development of the product to therapeutic benefit.

The Translational Research Office consists of the Translational Research Group (TRG), Business & Innovation Group (B&IG) and Drug Discovery Group (DDG).

Translational Research Group (TRG)

The Translational Research Group works to enhance the translational culture within UCL and to facilitate the translation of UCL’s basic and clinical research into therapies, techniques and medical products with therapeutic value.

The TRG consisting of eight Translational Research Managers, with extensive industry and research founder experience, overseeing a broad spectrum of projects ranging from pre-clinical studies to Phase II clinical trials in all therapeutic areas and modalities. The current portfolio of 47 active projects cover all modalities, with a particular emphasis on Advance Therapies (cell and gene therapies) and Devices, which reflects the expertise at UCL and BRCs.

Drug Discovery Group (DDG)

The Drug Discovery Group is responsible for progressing small molecule drug discovery based on UCL’s novel targets for further investment. The group comprises a team of six ‘drug hunters’ with experience of working at the interface between academic and commercial science.

The role of the group is to provide theoretical and practical drug discovery expertise to support the progression of projects and to contribute to the development of a successful pipeline within UCL.

Business and Innovation Group (B&IG)

The Business and Innovation Group focus on the development of innovative approaches for the creation and management of strategic partnerships with industry and attract the king of resources that only such external organisations can provide.

The Senior Business and Innovation Managers provide strategic support to Faculties across UCL, to enhance the translation of Biomedical Research across all therapeutic modalities, through collaboration with stakeholders in the Healthcare sector.

The team support UCL’s translational research strategy through mapping internal research capabilities, building multidisciplinary translational research communities and aligning those internal strengths with unmet market needs.

All groups work closely with academics and clinicians to map internal research capabilities and strengths across UCL and its partner BRCs through our Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) – interdisciplinary groups brought together to accelerate translation around a specific modality. Our TINs include:

  1. Cell, Gene & Regenerative Medicine
  2. Small Molecules
  3. Biologics
  4. Repurposing
  5. Devices
  6. Diagnostics


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