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Trickle – Real-Time Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Solution

Trickle discuss their solution to Employee Engagement and Wellbeing by facilitating real-time interaction, proving people matter

Trickle’s approach to Employee Engagement and Wellbeing complements the dynamic nature of the working environment today.  Putting people at the centre, the real-time interaction facilitated by Trickle allows organisations to show that they truly care about their people by engaging on topics they deem to be most important right now.

Our platform helps organisations to create a culture that works well for their teams and prioritises their people’s wellbeing. Trickle lets your people share their thoughts or concerns in real-time, providing a “finger on the pulse” to what is happening when it matters. Trickle’s aim is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Trickle’s Engage package helps to boost Employee Engagement through the ability for people to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas through a dedicated platform allowing everyone to collaborate to find the right solutions, and to send praise and share good news stories.

Our Confide package helps to boost Employee Wellbeing with pro-active guidance in response to an individual’s needs and by providing one-to-one and anonymous direct support for more sensitive issues that people sometimes find difficult to raise in person.

Founded in 2018, we are already helping a range of organisations including Scottish central and local government, and a number of NHS health trusts.

“We chose to work with Trickle because they understood quickly what we were trying to achieve and recognised our desire to improve the support we offer our best resource – our employees. Trickle also showed they are role models in Employee Engagement with their approach.” – Alison McBride, Strategic People and Change Manager, West Dunbartonshire Council

You can try out Trickle with an unlimited number of users for four weeks completely free of charge, so why not get in touch and find out how our platform can help your bring a natural, everyday focus on Employee Wellbeing and Engagement.

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