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The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) provides a cross-sectoral platform, which drives the adoption and integration of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies into our socio-economic system.

The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) is an Academic Research Centre connecting expertise and drawing knowledge from 8 UCL Departments.

Blockchain is a new disruptive information technology that allows anonymous partners to operate safely without the intermediation of a third party or the need for a central authority. This enables the creation of peer-to-peer distributed economies and paves the way for a range of applications, from e-commerce to management.

The UCL Centre for Blockchain TechnologiesWhat we do

The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) is committed to becoming the leading global research hub with an industry focus on:

  • The impact of Blockchain technologies on our socio-technical systems.
  • The promotion of a safe and organic development and adoption of Blockchain-based platforms.


The CBT goes beyond established discipline boundaries to set the foundations for a new interdisciplinary research area on Distributed- Consensus ledgers and Network Based Technologies. The Centre’s research is divided into three pillars:

Science & Technology

  • Distributed network
  • Scalability
  • Cryptography
  • Cybercrime
  • Mining (de)centralisation pseudonimity
  • Technology of smart contracts and DAOs
  • Elaboration of a Blockchain protocol suite

Economics & Finance

  • Herding and irrational behaviours
  • New sources of risk
  • Market distortions
  • Cryptofinance
  • Social inequality and financial inclusion
  • Community information and decision-making
  • Smart contracts and DAOs

Regulation & Law

  • Regulatory (un)certainty
  • Digital consumer protection laws
  • Digital identification
  • Institutional development
  • Elaboration of industry best practice standards
  • Law of smart contracts and DAOs

Drawing knowledge from 8 UCL Departments.


Complex Systems and Agent-Based Modelling


Privacy, Reputation and P2P Economics


Behavioural Science and Data Science

Computer science

Cryptography and Information Security


Cyber Risk, Operational Risk, Sytematic Risk


Public Policy, Tech Law and Cyberethics

Energy institute

Smart Contracts and Blockchain applications

Science, tech, engineering, public policy

Distributed Ledgers and Network Security

US Election 2020

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