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Unit4 creates management technology tailored to the needs of people-centric organisations

Unit4’s next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Resource, and Financial Planning & Analysis solutions empower public sector organisations to let their people focus on frontline services rather than administration.

They believe ERP should facilitate a people experience that lets everyone focus on delivering their part of your organisation’s mission.

Unit4’s public sector software solutions are designed to free your teams to help citizens and communities thrive by:

Achieving operational efficiency

Unit4 solutions have result in a lower TCO without reducing capabilities. By automating, streamlining, and modernising processes, consolidating services within and between agencies, and allowing you to track and control spending with ease.

Delivering transparency

By giving your regulators and stakeholders the right information when you need it, allowing decisions and planning to occur in real time. Empowering you to be responsive and accountable to your constituents, identify and avoid improper payments.


Empowering your people

Unti4’s software gives staff the time and resources to be more productive and responsive – and to make the best use of the talents they were hired to deploy. With tools, analytics, and instant reporting that drive better decision making.

Improving citizen services

Respond to change quickly without disruption, deliver multi-channel customer services, and give your citizens the private-sector quality user experience they expect. All while ensuring their data is handled securely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

The Unit4 public sector industry model cuts implementation times in half

Unit4’s specialised knowledge of public sector technologies, challenges, and working models has lead to the creation of an industry model for implementation that reduces implementation times by 50%. And leads to improved data integration, a flexible foundation for growth and change, and faster time to value. All by rapidly empowering your people to use new tools and solutions in ways that suit them through an intuitive and flexible cloud based platform.

Elevate your business

With Unit4’s ERP software, you can offer not just a better place to work, but a better way to work, freeing your people to focus on what matters: their success and yours.

  • Highly adaptable and intuitive solutions built for people-centric organisations.
  • Automate low value tasks and spend more time doing high value work
  • Create a better way to work without compromising on functionality.

Gain meaningful insights

Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis makes it faster and easier for your people to understand what really matters and apply that knowledge to turn your organisation’s plans and ideas into action.

  • A modern, future-proofed solution. Powered by AI, machine learning, and industry-relevant best practice.
  • Empower your teams with intuitive self-service tools.
  • Achieve a single source of truth through one shared FP&A platform.

Energise your people

Unit4’s Human Capital Management delivers more individualised control, clearer insights for better decision-making and faster time-to-value — all with a transformative People Experience.

  • Engage, relate, and enable with focused and personal coaching sessions.
  • Streamline, automate and focus your people on more meaningful work.
  • Understand, plan, and act to get the best from your talent.


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