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Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre

The UK’s first dedicated Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, leading vaccine development and manufacture

The Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) has been established to promote, develop and accelerate the growth of the UK vaccine industry. This will be achieved through collaboration with the academic sector and SMEs, which are rich in new vaccine technologies, where VMIC provides expertise in process development and manufacturing in the form of expert staff and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

VMIC will bridge the gap between research and expertise in development and manufacturing so that new vaccine products can enter clinical development, which is a value driver in terms of attracting funding for further development, partnering with the pharmaceutical industry for development to launch and contract manufacturing.

VMIC will also enhance UK preparedness and response capabilities for producing vaccines against emerging infectious diseases by allowing the UK government to use the facility and staff during an outbreak identified as a public health emergency of international concern.

VMIC will have access to expertise from its industrial partners including cell lines, viral vectors, state of the art equipment and for training and will largely focus on novel manufacturing technologies to produce virally vectored vaccines.  It is expected that having this capability available in the UK will help to anchor new vaccine or existing vaccine companies in the UK thus contributing to the regeneration of the vaccine development and manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure in the UK.

Strategic objectives

  • To establish a development and manufacturing capability for vaccines in the UK.

  • To promote, develop and facilitate the commercialisation and advancement of the vaccines industry through collaborations with businesses, academia and other organisations

  • To increase the pipeline of vaccines in clinical trials and clinical use

  • To create value through investible propositions that lead to vaccine companies that succeed and stay in the UK

  • To demonstrate the attractiveness of the UK as the place to do this work, with increased inward investment

  • To provide the government with the capability of developing and manufacturing vaccines required in an emergency or in response to global public health initiatives