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VitalHub UK Group of Companies

The VitalHub UK Group are leading experts in patient flow solutions, driving sustainable, digital innovation in planned and unplanned care

The VitalHub UK group of companies is part of the international VitalHub Corporation.  We are a leading group of health-tech companies simplifying the complexity of data integration in planned and unplanned care, to create one single version of the truth. Our award-winning portfolio includes solutions from Intouch with Health, Synopsis, Transforming Systems and MCAP.

Intouch with Health consists of a holistic platform for elective services, supporting hospitals to manage entire patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care in an efficient manner. The extensive portfolio includes mobile check-in, allowing patients to check-in to their appointment remotely. The Intouch Platform processes approximately 31% of all NHS outpatient attendances in the UK and is also deployed internationally.


Synopsis delivers a digital pre-operative assessment platform for elective surgery, reducing risk and optimising patient throughput to theatre. Pre-operative assessments can be completed remotely, supporting infection control and social distancing, and saves approximately £1.4m per customer.


Transforming Systems comprises the real-time, data-sharing SHREWD platform, currently deployed across 30% of the NHS in England. SHREWD provides the strategic oversight required to facilitate operational excellence across any geographical footprint, enabling a tactical response to whole system pressure. SHREWD takes live, complex data from all system providers, including independent sector, and creates instant visibility of demand and capacity, enabling providers to unite with an integrated, cross-system response.


MCAP, a clinical utilisation review system, currently deployed across over 125 hospitals globally, identifies the most appropriate care setting for patients. This intuitive, rapid identification helps to reduce internal blockages and delays, increase daily discharges, maximise capacity, improve financial and workforce savings and support a system wide integrated approach, resulting in safer, more effective care for patients.


Overall, we have the ability to integrate our collective solutions into an offering that is holistic by nature and modular in deployment.

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