Warwickshire council first to trial online identity assurance platform

identity assurance

An online identity assurance platform is set to undergo a trial phase at Warwickshire County Council to support Blue Badge parking permit applications

Warwickshire County Council is set to be the first local authority to use the government’s online identity assurance platform.

GOV.UK Verify will be used by the county council to support its application scheme for Blue Badge parking permits and the private beta trial will run for three months starting next year. Verify was originally developed for central government services, however it is being expanded to cover local government as well.

The identity assurance platform will be used by the council before it approaches the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for supporting information.

It is thought between 600 and 700 residents will take part in the trial scheme. Applicants will register on Verify and once their identity has been verified this information can be used to confirm if the applicant is eligible for a badge.

Speaking to UKAuthority, project leader Ian Litton said: “The key thing Verify does is establish a trust anchor.

“We can comfortably say we have the right permissions online for the transaction, and it gives DWP the confidence that they have the right person and there has been consent.

“It’s consent drive data sharing.”

He added: “Hopefully we will learn some positive lessons on the back of this. It’s interesting for Verify in it will be getting out in the field in a local government context.”


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