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Welcome at ZNAPZ

Leading In Asset Management Systems.

ZNAPZ is one of the European leaders in asset management systems.

We have more than 20 years of experience in asset management information systems.

We help companies to set best practices and support them with state of the art Asset Management Information Systems. To optimize their asset management and maintenance practices.


One Of The Leaders In Enterprise Asset Management Systems

Today ZNAPZ is one of the European leaders in Enterprise Asset Management Systems. Supporting our customers to have best in class Asset Management Information Systems. From a technical perspective: high performance, good fit and user friendly and from a business perspective. This helps them to achieve the highest value from their Assets over the Assets lifetime.

We have evolved from predominantly technical MAXIMO expertise to also have business knowledge and expertise in the area of Asset and Maintenance Management. This combination makes us uniquely qualified to assist our customers in achieving the highest value from their MAXIMO Asset.

How We Do It

We first make a ZNAPZhot (snapshot) from the customer’s environment. Either his technical MAXIMO environment and infrastructure or his Asset and Maintenance practices AND from the combination of those.

Then we support the customer to optimize. We do this based on the customer’s expertise and our knowledge and experience. Supporting the customer to implement bests practices while increasing the Asset Management maturity level of the organization AND the MAXIMO maturity level.

Experience In Many Industries

Our team is a balanced combination of young talent with knowledge of the latest theory and highly experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the business processes and the behavior of an organization. This combination with our unique documented implementation methodology is a recipe for a fast success, creating value for our customers.

In total we have more than 200 years of MAXIMO implementation experience in many industries. To expand and improve our experience we have become a development partner with IBM for several areas, incl. ACM, LINEAR and MOBILE (see respective areas).


ZNAPZ was raised in 2011 to fill a significant need in the MAXIMO market: to supply high quality technical MAXIMO services.Due to increased investments from IBM in the MAXIMO product family, a turnover of qualified staff and a historical low focus on the technical architectural requirements of MAXIMO this was a gap to be filled.

Poor implementations, due to a misfit of requirements and functionality, poor system performance / response times and a user unfriendly application are the primary domains we focus to improve.

Besides this we learned that many customers have asked to develop custom solutions, where standard functionality exist, but unknown to many.

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