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YewMaker – Making Healthcare Sustainable

We build science-based solutions to make healthcare good for us, good for our planet, and good for business

YewMaker builds science-based solutions to make healthcare more sustainable – better for people, better for the planet, and better for business.

Urgent solutions are needed to:

  • Improve access to healthcare
  • Reduce wasted healthcare expenditure
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from healthcare.

YewMaker delivers scalable healthcare transformations built with rigorous science, high-quality data, user-driven research, and tested through integrated multi-stakeholder partnerships.

We have two flagship programmes

  • Sustainable Medicines Partnership – The SMP is a private-public, not-for-profit action collaborative of 40 organisations from pharma, healthcare, hospitals, pharmacy, technology providers, academia, researchers and changemakers.

Together we are executing a 4-year programme to build scalable solutions to reduce the waste of medicines and from medicines – billions of usable medicines are globally destroyed every year.

Our work addresses six Pillars of Sustainable Medicines:

    • Measurable Impacts
    • End-to-end visibility
    • Better shelf life
    • Digital by default
    • Every dose used
    • Sustainable packaging.
  • MCF Classifier – Medicines account for one quarter of NHS greenhouse gas emissions, but currently these emissions must be estimated from the spend on medicines. We urgently need medicine-specific metrics that can be used to compare, classify and incentivise reduction of the carbon footprint of medicines.

MCF Classifier integrates chemistry, cost, prescription, manufacturer information into a practical classification system that enables doctors to include carbon information into their prescription decision-making. MCF Classifier is currently in beta and is scheduled for commercial release in 2024.

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