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Zest Consult – Digital Transformation that unlocks your organisation’s potential

At Zest Consult Limited, our team has over 20 years working in digital technology across multiple sectors, and we use our experience to help organisations as they go through their digital transformation. Our organisation and services are designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools, solutions, and processes they need to succeed. At Zest Consult we believe only true collaboration delivers the best outcomes for the client.

We strive to work with the client and their contractors to build a truly collaborative and diverse team that is focused on the clients’ outcomes. The team at Zest have many years’ experience of delivering successful projects across multiple sectors and clients. Projects range in scale from a few days to many person years. We are always focused on the client’s outcomes delivering great value and results.

Our Services

We do this by offering the following services:

  • Commercial Services
    • Technology Procurement
    • Contract Delivery
    • Operations and Operational Excellence
    • Commercial Support
  • Digital Advisory
    • Technology Assurance
    • Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation
    • Business Insights
    • Blockchain
    • Requirements Analysis & Capture
    • Specification Creation
    • Bid & Tendering Support
    • BIM
    • Product lifecycle & management
    • Government Design Manual
  • Digital Delivery
    • Programme & Project Management
    • Agile Management & Delivery
    • Risk Management
    • Security Management
  • Service Management
    • Service Design
    • Service Operations
    • Service Management
    • Service Assurance
    • ITIL
  • Digital Engineering
    • System Design & Architecture
    • Networking & Security
    • Data Analytics
    • Development Services
    • Assurance & Testing Services
    • Risk Management
    • Technology Evaluation
  • Video Surveillance Services
    • CCTV Policy
    • CCTV system design and architecture
    • Video Surveillance Technologies
    • Video Analytics
    • Standards – ONVIF & DVNP
    • Assurance services
    • Procurement services

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud

The next wave of technology advancement in digital transformation is Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Artificial Intelligence has the potential to be truly transformational for organisations. Our team and partners within academia are actively working with organisations to help them understand how Artificial Intelligence will help them deliver better customer services and enhance productivity.

In addition, A.I we also have expertise in Blockchain and the Cloud technologies. We are investigating with our clients how Blockchain can be used to increase social value on projects and build trusted supply chains.

Projects & Customers

We are on multiple frameworks including CCS’s G-Cloud and DOS as well as specific framework for various public sector organisations. Our customers include Transport for London, Network Rail, National Highways, and the Ministry of Defence. Our team are working on various projects for these customers which include:

  • Developing a strategic programme for situation awareness
  • Improving safety in construction with video, digital tools, and A.I.
  • Developing new standards and specifications
  • Technology assurance
  • Commercial Support
  • Threat detection and assessment using A.I.

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