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DEFEND Scholars

AAMU DEFEND Scholars Participate in NSF Sponsored S-STEM “Summer Melt” Program

The participation of DEFEND Scholars in the S-STEM "Summer Melt" Program helps to increase the number of underrepresented students.
Agriculture research

Agricultural and Environmental Science Careers for Non-Traditional Students

Dr. Elica Moss and Dr. Sanju Sanjaya discuss agricultural and environmental science careers for students at Alabama A&M University.
Child Language Doctoral Program

Teaching grammar to children with Specific Language Impairment

Teaching children with Specific Language Impairment can be challenging. Professor Mabel Rice of the University of Kansas discusses some details
Brock University

Reconciliation in Higher Education Contexts: Tensions and Challenges

Universities and colleges are struggling to understand reconciliation, the calls to action and recognising issues with the very structures of the institutions. Dawn Zinga of Brock University discusses further.
Brock University

Non-indigenous individuals’ responsibilities within higher education contexts

In this special report, Dawn Zinga focuses on exploring the responsibilities of non-Indigenous individuals within higher education settings. As a non-Indigenous scholar working in the...

Young people in diverse neighbourhoods

Gideon Bolt of Utrecht University discusses diverse neighbourhoods and the impact on young people within society. One of the outcomes of the DIVERCITIES research project...

IAPD: Education as a science – What’s missing?

Dr Kevin Flint from the IAPD discusses changes in education. Over the past four decades primary and secondary education in the UK has become consumed, it...
Brock University

The Road to Reconciliation: How will Canada address its responsibilities to indigenous students

There are significant funding gaps between Indigenous students and non-Indigenous students within Ontario. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is responsible for providing education...

IAPD: Beyond the violence of being a brick in the wall

Dr Kevin Flint from the IAPD discusses modern education. In my last paper presented to this website I was concerned about the style of educational...

Has education become another arm of ‘State Philosophy’?

In so many of our practices it is difficult to stand outside the full force of the groundings of what Deleuze called ‘state philosophy’....

Lean Tools vs. Lean Philosophy

The pace of doing business today is so fast that there is not a lot of time left to consider proper planning or dare...

Practice, experience and research-philosophy-education: A personal profile

Setting up and running the professional doctorate programme at Nottingham Trent brought together dimensions of my experience in education, research, philosophy, rock-climbing/mountaineering, so constituting...

The need for special education in biobanking

Tanja Macheiner, Berthold Huppertz & Karine Sargsyan from Biobank Graz explain the importance of knowledge transfer and education for the future of biobanking. Human biospecimens...

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