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sperm cells

Human sperm cells, the overlooked sentinel of our living environment

Luigi Montano of the Local Health Authority (ASL) Salerno and Alberto Mantovani from Istituto Superiore di Sanità explore how pollution affects sperm cells 
marine health

The European union explores new approaches to marine health

Karmenu Vella explains how EU policies will innovate our approach to oceans and help to ensure the marine health of our planet
future of the natural environment

The future of the natural environment

The UK’s Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove sets out his vision for the future of the natural environment In...
ivory trade ban

Ivory trade ban set for the UK

The UK government is set to impose an ivory trade ban at all levels in order to reduce demand, protecting African elephants An ivory trade ban...

The Smart City Charter and the missing link to climate resilience

Prof Dr Daniela Jacob, Climate Service Centre Germany, highlights the Smart City Charter and what it means for the future of cities
bovine tb

New bovine TB advisory service hopes to protect cattle in the UK

A new advisory scheme will allow UK farmers with at-risk cattle to access expert advice and protect their cows against bovine TB
huge divestment

Catholic Church set to make huge divestment from fossil fuels

The Catholic Church has pledged to make a huge divestment from fossil fuels in a record move honouring St Francis of Assisi
methane from cattle

Methane from cattle 11% higher than previously thought

Methane from cattle is estimated to be 11% higher than previously expected, presenting a bigger challenge in the fight against climate change
brexit agriculture

Michael Gove visits Northern Ireland to discuss post Brexit agriculture

Environment Secretary Michael Gove visited Northern Ireland to discuss opportunities for post Brexit agriculture partnerships with the country
global carbon emissions

Global carbon emissions remained static in 2016, renewing climate hope

New data shows that global carbon emissions remained static during 2016, boosting hope that reversing the worst effects of climate change is still possible
Austria's climate change policy

Austria’s climate change policy reflects its own research

Federal Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management Andrä Rupprechter reveals Austria’s climate change policy

USDA’s high-tech tools to identify dangerous pests

Greg Rosenthal of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) lifts the lid on their work with digital identification tools to identify dangerous pests
rainforest mining

Brazil backtracks on plans to open up Amazon reserve to rainforest mining

The Brazillian President Michel Temer has backtracked on plans to open the Renca Reserve in the Amazon up to rainforest mining The President sparked outrage...
iceberg A-68

6,000 km iceberg A-68 set to break free

Giant Antarctic iceberg A-68 broke off from the Larsen Ice Shelf in July and is set to fully break free after months of little movement

New images show the worrying reach of microplastics

New images from Thomson Ecology show how far microplastics have reached into our food chain, affecting organisms on a microscopic scale
climate change targets

New research suggests Paris climate change targets are possible

New research suggests that the Paris agreement's climate change targets of limiting global warming to 1.5°c are possible given strong action

White House denies rumours of u-turn on Paris climate agreement

Top white house officials have suggested that the US could remain in the Paris climate agreement after all, causing Trump to deny a u-turn
fish stocks

European parliament votes on measures to improve fish stocks

European MEPs have voted on a number of restrictions which could reduce intensive overfishing and improve declining fish stocks New limits will ensure fishing cannot...
badger cull

Uk expands badger cull ‘kill zone’

The controversial UK badger cull has been expanded, extending the area of the cull which will raise the death toll to an estimated 33,841 In...
intensive farming

Third of Earth’s soil degraded to to intensive farming

A third of the Earth's fertile soil is being 'acutely degraded' due to intensive farming as global demand for food grows, according to the...

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