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Open Access Government’s technology category has plenty of very recent and updated information on all the key topics on this ever-expanding market. 

Within this section, you can find articles on topics such as cybercrime, data protection and online harms. And we also touch upon the relevant topics such as social media and its potential danger and its ongoing need for regulation. The protection of personal data in the modern age is a topic is something we touch upon often in the contexts of revenge porn and other forms. Topics such as Cybersecurity in relation to business and the domination of ‘The Cloud’ are very popular.

We all cover a wide range of information concerning the emerging potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and the many developments and ethical arguments within this topic. we have experts giving their opinion on the future of AI and how it will move forward. We also look at AI and its involvement in healthcare.

We also cover the Internet of Things (IoT) along with the use of data and GDPR related issues.

Close up of fiber optic cables.

Using alternative technology to infill broadband delivery ‘notspots’

David Hennell, the Business Development Director at National Broadband argues how county councils can immediately ensure high-quality broadband delivery to all constituents.
TikTok app on phone

Stronger cybersecurity policies ban TikTok on government devices

A UK Parliament TikTok account has brought up the discussion of heavier cybersecurity policies, given the possibility of data being passed to the Chinese state.

AI and ML: Exploring the programmes and search engines of the future

The way we use computers and technology is rapidly changing, here Paul Grosvenor, Director at Optima Systems Ltd explores the search engines of the future and how AI and ML will change the way we access information.
businesswoman in the office on mobile device

Mobile Device Management: How to implement an effective MDM strategy

Developing a sound Mobile Device Management system is essential to minimise security risk and enhance digital mobility.
African American female student studying from home during lockdown

How will the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme change in April 2023?

Cybersecurity has been subject to a wave of change over the last decade and is reflected in the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Realizing the potential of quantum computing applications

Professor Robert Wille at the Technical University of Munich and the Software Competence Center Hagenberg discusses when quantum computing applications and knowledge are required – and, when not.
People putting together jigsaw puzzle

What do Microsoft’s latest updates mean for Microsoft Solutions Partners?

Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner is a significant achievement for any technology company, but recent updates mean it is now harder than ever to achieve this status.
Digital background depicting innovative technologies, data protection Internet technologies. Cloud computing digital concept

How public cloud computing can help the public sector achieve net zero targets

Why migrating to public cloud computing is essential to achieve Net Zero targets and drive meaningful change in the UK public sector.
Abstract futuristic circuit board. High computer technology blue color background. Hi-tech digital technology concept

Global IT solutions with Neyo Ltd

Chirag Karnik, Founder and Director at Neyo Ltd, guides us through IT solutions and Operations Management, and his vision for the future of the company.
connector technology, technologies

Advancing connector technologies for multicore optical fibres

Ryo Nagase, Professor from Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan, highlights research concerning advancing connector technologies for multicore optical fibres, starting with an informative introduction.
Business team with cloud computing hologram

Private-public collaboration and data visibility necessary to fight cloud attacks

As the number of cyber attacks on cloud platforms and applications increases, organisations need more collaboration and data visibility.
Encryption your data. Binary code and digital Lock. Hacker attack and data breach. Big data with encrypted computer code. Safe your data. Cyber internet security and privacy concept. Database storage 3d illustration

Privileged access: Understanding security inside out

Mark Warren, Product Specialist at Osirium, explains why privileged access poses security issues in the public sector.
The couple smiles and talks together before their evening class. He has his laptop open and ready and she has her smart phone on the desk in front of her.

Why cyber-physical systems security is crucial for state and local governments

Simon Chassar, CRO at Claroty, discusses why cyber-physical systems security is so integral to government in the modern era.
Computer, woman programmer and man training for coding, cyber security or software on computer. Female IT specialist, male coder or talking to connect internet, information update and cloud computing

User-centred cyber security for local government

Arnie Armstrong, Cyber Security Principal at Made Tech, explains why a user-centred cyber security approach is vital to local government.
Smart city and internet of things, wireless communication network, abstract image visual

Rethinking resilience: technology can help local councils face unprecedented challenges

As 2023 unfolds, the UK’s public sector still finds itself in the midst of an extended, difficult winter – but how can local councils overcome this?
Amazing sunset at the airport. Refueling of the airplane before flight.

The future of renewable aviation fuel

Willie Coetzee, Market Development Director at Honeywell Europe, discusses what the future holds for renewable technology, such as renewable aviation fuel.
Bored distant couple ignoring each other lying in bed at night while using mobile phones. Smartphone addict. Obsessed and distracted man and woman texting. Addiction to social media and technology.

Why is smartphone addiction on the rise, and are you being affected?

With 6.3% of the population currently suffering, Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores and examines concerns around smartphone addiction (SMA).
Network Server Data, data center

How UPS Systems in data centres are balancing energy use and maximising stability

Arturo Di Filippi, Offering Director, Smart Power & EMEA Business Product Development at Vertiv discusses sustainability and the role of UPS Systems in data centres.
Business Team Meeting Connection Digital Technology Concept

Enhancing the use of data – do you know your strategic priorities?

Solutionpath’s Rachel Maxwell considers the importance of knowing your strategic priorities when deploying student engagement analytics within a university.
woman on the computer looking at data

Free public sector data with no-code platforms in 2023

Productive organisations in the public sector need to prevent the formation of data silos by employing innovative technologies and software, such as no-code platforms.

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