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Open Access Government’s technology category has plenty of very recent and updated information on all the key topics on this ever-expanding market. 

Within this section, you can find articles on topics such as cybercrime, data protection and online harms. And we also touch upon the relevant topics such as social media and its potential danger and its ongoing need for regulation. The protection of personal data in the modern age is a topic is something we touch upon often in the contexts of revenge porn and other forms. Topics such as Cybersecurity in relation to business and the domination of ‘The Cloud’ are very popular.

We all cover a wide range of information concerning the emerging potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and the many developments and ethical arguments within this topic. we have experts giving their opinion on the future of AI and how it will move forward. We also look at AI and its involvement in healthcare.

We also cover the Internet of Things (IoT) along with the use of data and GDPR related issues.

The journey to making AI-generated voices more expressive

Ai-generated voices have become an integral part of society and research into making these voices more personal and expressive is moving fast.
histopathology nhs

LDPath: A virtual histopathology department for every NHS trust

Sanj Lallie, Director of Operations at LDPath, charts a vision of a virtual histopathology department for every NHS trust
ts3 framework

Ogel IT Ltd: A supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s TS3 Framework

Sam Newman, Managing Director discusses how Ogel IT Ltd. has been named a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Technology Services 3 (TS3) Framework.
Legacy software

Moving to Cloud solutions without changing the whole World

Chris, CEO of Engeneum Limited, describes big benefits and savings that can be achieved by adding Cloud functionality to legacy systems!

Transforming pathology using digital platforms and AI

Rapidly scaling health-tech player in the emerging Pathology Computer Aided Diagnostics sector Deciphex uses digital pathology and AI to accelerate pathology diagnosis by improving productivity and patient outcome.
smart life technology

Smart Life 2025: Envisioning a connected a world

Global Futurist, Foresight expert and CEO of Fast Future Rohit Talwar, details the concept of Smart Life 2025, that envisions a connected world in the future.
Data recovery

Ransomware in 2022: Capabilities for rapid and reliable data recovery

Jeremy Wyatt, Operations Director, FCS, discloses the seven capabilities that organisations need for rapid and reliable data recovery against ransomware
AI assurance ecosystem, national AI strategy

The steps required for the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem

The CDEI has established the steps essential to building the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem, ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of AI, as set out in the National AI strategy.
technology foster care

Technology platforms empowering safe foster care

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, explains how technology platforms empower safe foster care
robot industry

What can we learn from the most automated countries in the world?

Neil Ballinger at EU Automation, explains why some countries are more successful at implementing automation and what UK manufacturers can learn from them
AI prediction

New AI tool could change how COVID ICU works

New technology could be used to help doctors make the most of limited resources during COVID-19 by identifying patients in need of intensive care treatment
social inclusion, gendered lens

Technology and social inclusion: Challenges for policymakers

Professor Katy Campbell, University of Alberta, investigates social inclusion through a gendered lens, specifically regarding technology.
full-service agency

The full-service agency myth – why one size rarely fits all!

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha uncovers the challenges of building and buying technology to deliver the best outcomes in public sector digital delivery
government algorithmic

The new government standard for algorithmic transparency

The UK government has initiated one of the world’s first national standards for algorithmic transparency, commencing promises made in the National Data and National AI strategies.
food allergen

Multiplex Array Technology for risk assessment in the food industry

Martin D. Chapman, President & CEO and Ross Yarham, Business Relationship Associate, both from Indoor Biotechnologies, shed light on Multiplex Array Technology for risk assessment in the food industry.
accelerate wound healing

Could replicating blood plasma accelerate wound healing?

New research indicates the potential to heal wounds may be assisted by replicating the plasma in blood through 3D printing to repair damaged tissues.
battery calorimeters

Battery venting gas analysis using battery calorimeters & gas chromatography

Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of IAM-AWP’s Calorimeter Center, KIT, explains how venting gases of batteries can be collected and analysed In addition to the achievable...
mobile networks

Computing: Environmental impact of mobile networks

Professor at the University of Padova, explains what we need to know about taming the environmental impact of mobile networks through GREENEDGE computing
covid-19 algorithm

The algorithm predicting COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care

An algorithm can predict the severity of COVID patients' illnesses depending on how many of them will be highly likely or unlikely to need intensive care or ventilation.
hate speech warning

Potential warnings feature designed to help curb hate speech on Twitter

Research shows that providing twitter users with warnings of potential consequences of spreading hate speech, results in a decrease in hateful language

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