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COVID vaccine development

Why COVID vaccine development was exceptionally speedy

Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner at FreeMind Group, explains why COVID vaccine development was exceptionally speedy.
medicines and vaccines

Countries denied access to vaccines they helped develop

A new study has revealed that new medicines and vaccines approved for use in the United States are often unavailable in countries that helped to develop them.
variant vaccines

COVID-19 variant vaccines will be fast-tracked through cutting-edge testing centre

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that vaccines tailored to tackle COVID-19 variants will be fast-tracked through new state-of-the-art labs.

Combination of remdesivir and hep C drugs effective against COVID-19

A combination of remdesivir and drugs for hepatitis C virus (HCV) have presented strong effectiveness against COVID-19 in a new study.
compliance for medical cannabis

Ensuring regulatory compliance for Medical Cannabis

Here, Evolve Ltd’s Managing Director, Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, takes us progressively deeper into what it takes to ensure regulatory compliance for Medical Cannabis.
cbd oil for adhd

CBD oil for ADHD: What the research shows

CBD oil is popular for its wide-ranging therapeutic benefits, but what about its effects on ADHD? Here’s what the research shows.
treatment for COVID-19

Cannabis as a treatment for COVID-19

Kevin William Simpson, CEO and Founder of OilsBySimpson, tells us about the growing evidence around cannabis as a treatment for COVID-19.
novel foods, CBD novel

CBD Novel Foods in the UK

Lead Scientific Officer at Always Pure Organics Andrew Megahy, explains how the UK is now in a prime position for the future of CBD use, due to the Novel Foods Application.
veterinary medicines

Benchmarking Regulatory systems governing veterinary medicines

Rick Clayton, Technical Director, AnimalhealthEurope, unpacks Benchmarking Regulatory systems governing veterinary medicines in this the first of a series of three articles.
falsified medicines

Pharmaceuticals: Falsified medicines

Dr Ash Ramzan, Founder and Principal Consultant, Woodley BioReg Limited, turns the spotlight on falsified medicines in this pharmaceuticals focus.
pharma markets

Why are illegal pharma markets still prevalent today?

Professor Luis Diestre discusses the research and findings of his European Research Council funded Illegal Pharma Project, focussing on the ever popular market for counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
skin care

Cannabidiol, skin homeostasis and acne

Dr. Christian Löfke, researcher and product developer at BioBloom in Austria explains the potential of CBD and cannabinoids for skin care.
medicinal cannabis products

The UK’s legalisation of medicinal cannabis

David Hardstaff of BCL’s Cannabis Law & Regulatory team considers the success of the UK’s legalisation of medicinal cannabis products.
drug markets

COVID-19 and drugs in the European neighbourhood partnership countries

The EU drugs agency explores the impact of COVID-19 on drug markets, use and services in the European neighbourhood partnership countries.
Medical cannabis in the UK

Medical cannabis in the UK and the industry’s future

Rick Brar, CEO & Chairman of Brains Bioceutical Corp. explores the landscape of medical cannabis in the UK and the future direction of the industry.
Drug prices

Drug prices in the U.S. are 2.56 times higher

Prescription drug prices in the United States are 2.56 times higher than in other countries, according to a new RAND Corporation report.

Antibiotics provide no benefit to COVID-19 patients

The PRINCIPLE trial has found that azithromycin and doxycycline do not provide any recovery benefits for COVID-19 patients.
mild COVID-19

Ivermectin effective in reducing mild COVID-19

A new study has found that early administration of ivermectin can reduce viral loads and symptom duration in patients with mild COVID-19.

EU finalises talks with Valneva to secure a new vaccine

Today, the European Commission concluded talks with Valneva to secure a new potential vaccine against COVID-19.
Natural medicine

Kim Schleppegrell Skaue joins Oils By Simpson: Their mission to promote natural medicine

Read on to find out more about Oils By Simpson, Kim Schleppegrell Skaue, and their joint mission to encourage natural medicine use worldwide.

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