12-15 year olds, pfizer vaccine

Pfizer vaccine can be given to 12-15 year olds in US

On Wednesday (12 May), the CDC announced that the Pfizer vaccine could now be given to 12-15 year olds - effective immediately for 17 million adolescents.
transforming citizen engagement

What lasting legacies of COVID-19 will local government take forward?

Lorraine Smith, Divisional Managing Director at Civica, discusses how the pandemic has not only re-shaped local government when it comes to new ways of working but also in transforming citizen engagement.
vaccine rollout

Communication strategies are critical for vaccine rollout

Adam Enterkin, Global SVP Sales at BlackBerry, explores the critical role of secure crisis communications for the vaccine rollout and the value of a communication strategy to combat misinformation.
clean energy technology, electric vehicles

Clean energy technology demand will quadruple need for critical minerals

Supplies of critical minerals essential for key clean energy technologies like electric vehicles and wind turbines, will need to increase significantly over the coming decades to meet the world’s climate goals.
struggling businesses

Options for struggling businesses in the aftermath of COVID-19

John Bell, director and founder of Clarke Bell, ponders the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and what options struggling businesses could be facing in the coming months and years ahead.
antibody deficiencies

Study examines immune responses to COVID in patients with antibody deficiencies

A new study aims to explore the immune response to COVID-19 infection and vaccination in patients with antibody deficiencies.
COVID vaccine development

Why COVID vaccine development was exceptionally speedy

Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner at FreeMind Group, explains why COVID vaccine development was exceptionally speedy.

COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placentas

Researchers from Northwestern Medicine have studied the placentas from patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy and found no evidence of damage.
death from COVID-19

HIV patients are more likely to die from COVID-19

In a new study, researchers have found that individuals living with HIV and AIDS have an increased risk of death from COVID-19 infection.

Immune system research: Vaccines and immunotherapeutics

Dr Babita Agrawal, Professor at the University of Alberta, discusses both the vital present and future roles of vaccines and immunotherapeutics in combatting COVID-19.
Mental health within social care

Mental health within social care: Supporting carer and client alike

Peter Seldon, CEO, Consultus Care and Nursing, explores the impact of COVID-19 and mental health within social care settings and what best practices can be adopted to support both carers and clients.
mental health during lockdown, bees

The connection between art and mental health during lockdown

Here, Deirdre Figueiredo, MBE and Director of Craftspace, discusses the relationship between art, community and mental health during lockdown.
nepal covid cases, trips amendment

Nepal faces 1200% increase in COVID cases

Nepal, which shares a long border with hard-hit India, is experiencing a meteoric rise in COVID-19 cases and facing an oxygen shortage.
heart damage

Mild COVID-19 infection is unlikely to cause permanent heart damage

According to a new study by researchers at UCL, mild COVID-19 infection is highly unlikely to cause lasting heart damage.
the covid-19 crisis

Testing must go hand-in-hand with vaccines to come out of the...

COVID-19 testing must go hand-in-hand with the vaccines in order for the UK to come out of the crisis successfully.