grandiose narcissism, wear a mask

People high in grandiose narcissism less likely to get COVID vaccine

Research reveals that people high in grandiose narcissism are less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated.
loneliness during COVID

Loneliness during COVID increased by 5% across Global North

The meta-analysis, looking at loneliness during COVID in North America and Europe, finds that "the pandemic does appear to have increased loneliness" - so, how bad is it?
lockdown creativity, activities

Lockdown creativity: Free time has a positive correlation with creative activities

COVID-19 lockdown creativity, blooming visibly online, demonstrated a positive correlation between free time and creative activities.
excess deaths, covid pandemic

WHO says COVID pandemic caused 14.9 million excess deaths 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) say the pandemic led to 14.9 million global excess deaths, caused either by the virus itself or disrupted access to healthcare.
former cancer patients, COVID-19

Former cancer patients not more likely to die from COVID

A study finds that former cancer patients are not more likely to die from COVID than non-cancer patients, if they aren't having active treatment.
COVID brain fog, effects of COVID

COVID brain fog like 20 years of ageing or losing 10 IQ points

Scientists find that persistent cognitive symptoms of the virus, known as COVID brain fog, can be equivalent to 20 years of ageing or losing 10 IQ points.
health equity issues, bioethics

Field of bioethics “largely silent” on health equity issues

A report calls on the field of bioethics to look at racial injustice in the US, especially the impact of neoliberalism on contemporary health equity issues.

Ivermectin does not stop risk of COVID hospitalisation

According to a large study, ivermectin does not protect virus patients from the risk of COVID hospitalisation - performing the same as the placebo.
victims of sexual assault, autistic women

Nine out of ten autistic women are victims of sexual assault

A study finds that nine out of ten autistic women are victims of sexual assault, with over 50% of them aged 15 or younger when first attacked.
COVID policy in care homes, untested patients

UK COVID policy in care homes ruled “unlawful”

The UK High Court ruled yesterday (28 April) that COVID policy in care homes was "unlawful" - releasing atleast 43,398 untested patients into care homes.
catch-up programmes in education, literacy gap

Closing the literacy gap via catch-up programmes in education

Andrea Welter, assistant head teacher from Pheasey Park Primary School, explains why successful catch-up programmes in education need to focus on closing the literacy gap.
european innovation potential, Pan-european innovation

European innovation potential knows no bounds

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, calls attention to building a pan-European innovation potential ecosystem in health served with top-notch infrastructures.
covid-19 or preeclampsia, severe COVID-19

Blood explains if symptoms are severe COVID-19 or preeclampsia

Pregnant women sometimes have symptoms that could be either severe COVID-19 or preeclampsia - healthcare experts point out that time is of the essence in figuring it out.
loneliness and depression, mental health impact

Loneliness and depression highest in older women during pandemic

Data from 50,000 Canadians finds that loneliness and depression were highest in women aged between 65 to 74, with two-thirds feeling separated from their family.
longest COVID infection, occult covid

Scientists identify longest COVID infection, at 505 days

After a study of immunocompromised patients, UK researchers found the longest COVID infection case to be 505 days.