convalescent plasma donation, plasma

The window for convalescent plasma donation is just under two months

New data suggests that before 60 days of COVID symptoms beginning is the best window for convalescent plasma donation - which is how antibodies were created in countless COVID-19 patients before vaccines.
doses of the astrazeneca vaccine, germany

1.17 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine could expire in Germany

Germans have only taken 270,986 AstraZeneca doses so far, leaving roughly 1.17 million doses in storage across the country - but these shots are due to expire in less than six months.
COVID impact in south asians, minority ethnic

UK Government report finds “alarming” COVID impact in South Asians

The first wave saw minority ethnicities hit harder than white people, but in the second wave things are improving - with the exception of an "alarming" COVID impact in South Asians, specifically Bangladeshis and Pakistanis.
quarantine hotel, mutation

Only 1% of people flying to the UK are going to a quarantine hotel

The Home Affairs Committee Chair Yvette Cooper found that 1% of the 15,000 people flying to the UK daily are being processed through the quarantine hotel system.
severe covid cases in israel, covid

The Pfizer vaccine is stopping 92% of severe COVID cases in Israel

Israel is currently leading the world in COVID vaccination, with real-world data to suggest that the Pfizer vaccine is working to stop 92% of severe COVID cases.
EU research

Horizon Europe: EU research & innovation

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, describes Horizon Europe and scaling up high-impact and breakthrough research & innovation.

COVID-19 and diabetes telehealth

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic is the scenario for testing and demonstrating the successful implementation of diabetes telehealth platforms.
UK vaccine hesitancy, REACT study

REACT study: UK vaccine hesitancy is the highest in London

New data from the REACT study finds that 14% of the UK population have antibodies against COVID-19 now, but that vaccine hesitancy is currently highest in London.
lockdown grants

What support is available to businesses not eligible for new lockdown grants?

Michael Foote, Director of Quote Goat, discusses what financial support is available for businesses that aren't eligible for the government's new lockdown grants, including the Self Employed Income Support Scheme.
elective care

How technology can transform the elective care challenge

Karina Malhotra, founder and MD, Acumentice, explores how technology is being used to solve the elective care conundrum and to what extent emerging tech can make a credible difference on the front line.
californian covid mutation, covid

The Californian COVID mutation is more infectious

The Californian COVID mutation appears to be as infectious as the UK or South African mutations - but does it have the potential to be more deadly?
johnson & Johnson, mutation

FDA reveals that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 86% effective

New documents from the FDA show that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine appears to be 86% effective against COVID-19 - signalling that it will soon be approved in the US.
priority group for COVID, people with asthma

People with asthma are not a priority group for COVID vaccination

The UK removed people with moderate forms of asthma from the high-priority group for vaccination, which pushes their vaccination date past April.
COVID-19 in pregnancy

COVID-19 in pregnancy not linked with stillbirth or early neonatal death

According to a new study, COVID-19 infection in pregnancy is not associated with stillbirth or early neonatal death but it may increase the risk of pre-term birth.
likelihood of severe COVID, genetic research

Scientists use machine learning to identify likelihood of severe COVID

The research team believe that some people have a genetic predisposition that increases likelihood of severe COVID, which may be crucial to understanding how mutations could change outcomes.