levelling-up education, edtech

‘Levelling-up’: The emerging role of education technology

Al Kingsley, CEO at NetSupport, discusses the potential role of education technology in "levelling up" - especially for vulnerable communities.
disruption education, digital technology

True disruption in education: An opportune moment for lasting change?

Christel Wolthoorn, Managing Director of LovedBy Design, examines how the education sector dealt with COVID disruption and the work that remains.
fourth booster dose, israel pfizer

Study shows fourth booster dose increases antibodies fivefold

In Israel, healthcare professionals and those over 60 are now being encouraged to take the fourth booster dose - which appears to significantly increase waning third dose antibodies.
young covid patients, oxidative

Study finds young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress

According to new data, even young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress - a factor connected to ageing, diabetes and HIV.
antibody-like proteins, COVID-19 viruses

Shark antibody-like proteins could neutralise COVID-19 viruses

Antibody-like proteins from the immune systems of sharks could help to prepare for future coronaviruses, according to new research.
Convidecia vaccine, single-dose vaccine

Convidecia vaccine 57.5% effective against symptomatic COVID

Phase Three trial shows Convidecia vaccine 57.5% effective against symptomatic COVID, while 91.7% effective against severe COVID.
covid patients

Study identifies factors in blood linked to severe COVID

Unique “indicators” in the blood of patients with severe and fatal COVID could create simple diagnostic tests - to help doctors identify who could become critically ill.
novavax covid vaccine, vaccination

European Commission approves Novavax COVID vaccine for use

The Commission gave a conditional marketing authorisation (CMA) to the Novavax COVID vaccine, with 100 million doses expected in early 2022.
astrazeneca vaccine protection, astrazeneca vaccine

Scientists say AstraZeneca protection decreases after three months

According to data from two million people in Scotland and 42 million people in Brazil, AstraZeneca vaccine protection drops significantly three months after double-dosing.
protection against omicron, imperial covid

Study says prior infection gives 19% protection against Omicron

COVID infection previously created 85% protection against Delta - now, scientists say that this protection falls to 19% against Omicron.
side effects moderna booster, omicron moderna

What are the side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine?

Here, we explain side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine - while taking a look at the Omicron variant.
vaccinating rough sleepers

Vaccinating rough sleepers with £28 million government funding

The government is aiming to vaccinate those who are homeless and sleeping rough with the Protect and Vaccinate scheme, relocating people on the street to safe accommodation over winter.
biosecurity programmes

Human & animal health, food security & biosecurity

Curtis R Youngs from Iowa State University probes the relationship between human and animal health in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, including comment on the food system & biosecurity programmes.
mental distress

Caring for those who care for us

Claudia Marinetti, Director of Mental Health Europe, calls for action to curb the prevalence of mental distress amongst frontline health workers.
Social Value act

10 years of the Social Value Act

As 2022 marks 10 years since the Social Value Act came into force, Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal takes stock of where we are, and how things look for the year to come.