Our Editors

Jonathan Miles - Open Access Government

Jonathan Miles

Editor, Open Access Government

01270 502874

Jonathan works full-time as Editor for Open Access Government – an exciting quarterly online publication. He comes with a wealth of experience – having previously worked on numerous public sector and financial publications since 2002. Enthusiasm, passion, hard work, commitment and professionalism are just five words that sum up his attitude to work. Commissioning quality editorial content from a range of contributors all over the world is Jonathan’s specialism, in addition to the work required to ensure that each quarterly publication is successful. Outside of work, Jonathan writes songs and is an avid fan of classic British television.

For all publication queries (editorial only) – please contact Jonathan.

Steph Hazlegreaves - Open Access Government

Steph Hazlegreaves

Digital Content Editor

01270 256563

With a BA in Journalism from the University of Chester, our Digital Editor Steph ensures that our website is always up to date with high-quality content alongside her trusty sidekick, Nishat.

When she’s not lost in the world of SEO, Steph is also responsible for keeping our facebook and twitter accounts active, as well as posting to the ‘gram’ on a daily basis.

In her spare time, Steph loves to take long walks with her dog (Norbert) and enjoys a pink gin with her family and friends at the end of the day.

Think you’ve got something Steph would be interested in?… Contact her at shazlegreaves@openaccessgovernment.org or on (01270) 256563.

Nishat Choudhury

Nishat Choudhury

Digital Content Editor

01270 256563

Nishat is a full-time digital content editor for Open Access Government. Every day she is determined to unearth stories her readers will enjoy and is highly invested in the multiple, fascinating topics that Open Access Government explores.

Nishat works in tandem with Steph to keep the stories of Open Access Government perfectly preserved, requiring such skills as the very precise use of SEO tools and the divine gift of the editorial eye!

In her spare time, Nishat is busy keeping up with the crimes of global governments, the world of art, and the people she loves.

Think you’ve got something Nishat would be interested in?… Contact her at nchoudhury@openaccessgovernment.org or on (01270) 256563.