Our Editors

Jonathan Miles

Editor, Open Access Government

01270 502874

Jonathan works full-time as Editor for Open Access Government – an exciting quarterly online publication. He comes with a wealth of experience – having previously worked on numerous public sector and financial publications for over 12 years. Enthusiasm, passion, hard work, commitment and professionalism are just five words that sum up his attitude to work. Commissioning quality content from a range of contributors all over the world is Jonathan’s specialism, in addition to the work required to ensure that each quarterly publication is successful. Outside of work, Jonathan writes songs and is an avid fan of classic British television.

For all publication queries – please contact Jonathan.

Steph Hazlegreaves

Digital Content Editor

01270 256563

As Digital Editor for Open Access Government, Steph ensures that the website is always up to date and full of the most recent, relevant and fascinating news stories that cover a range of topics from blockchain to healthcare. Steph is also responsible for keeping all of the social media accounts active, which mainly involves posting witty meme’s alongside her trusty sidekick Sally. In her spare time, Steph enjoys walking and playing with her dog, Norbert, and removing bits of furniture from his mouth.

For all web queries – please contact Steph.

Sally Eccleston

Digital Content Editor

01270 256563

In her role as Digital Editor, Sally writes daily news on topics such as health and social care right through to Bitcoin and artificial intelligence. Alongside Steph, the girls make sure that absolutely everything on the site is SEO’d to perfection while filling our social spaces with engaging, newsworthy content. Outside of the office, Sally likes to keep fit, travel with friends and study towards her MA in journalism and NCTJ diploma at Staffordshire University.

For all web queries – please contact Sally.

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