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least stressful city, most stressful city

Research shows Helsinki is least stressful city in the world

According to data on light pollution, LGBT safety and living costs, Helsinki is the least stressful city in the world - with 0% of the population living in poverty.
transgender mental health, hormone treatment

Transgender mental health: What age is best to begin hormone treatment?

A new study finds that transgender people who begin hormone treatment in adolescence have better mental health, than those waiting until adulthood.
isolation and loneliness

Smoking can cause social isolation and loneliness

A study suggests that smokers are more likely to become socially isolated and lonely as they age, compared to non-smokers.
fantasy football players, mental health

Consistent fantasy football players at risk of poor mental health

According to a new study, a quarter of Fantasy Football players have admitted that the game negatively impacts their mental health.
dark genome, mental disorders

‘Dark genome’ research suggests better treatment for mental disorders

Researching DNA outside of our genes, analysing the ‘dark genome’, scientists have found evolved proteins which can distinguish between schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, improving diagnosis and treatment.
behaviour and focus

How meditation can alter behaviour and focus

The largest new study of its kind finds that meditation could assist people to become less prone to making mistakes.
mental distress

Caring for those who care for us

Claudia Marinetti, Director of Mental Health Europe, calls for action to curb the prevalence of mental distress amongst frontline health workers.
CBD and Depression

Researching CBD oil for depression

CBD has wide-ranging benefits, but what about its effects on depression? Here, we find out what the research shows from Oils by Simpson of 2012.
mental health conditions

A WHO perspective on mental health

Dr Florence Baingana, Regional Advisor, Mental Health and Substance Abuse at WHO African Region speaks about mental health and why it is so important today
ten-minute run

A ten-minute run could improve brain processing

Researchers have found that the increased activation of the bilateral prefrontal cortex of the brain after a brief run can improve cognitive function.
mental health first aid, mental health challenges

Mental Health First Aid research in rural Texas

Dr Lakshmi Mahadevan describes a multi-level intervention program that is helping to offset the negative impacts of lack of access and social isolation by providing a pathway to reducing stigma, prevention, timely intervention and recovery from mental health challenges that was hitherto unavailable to rural Texans.
mental health post pandemic

Let’s Get Digital: Supporting the Nation’s Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

Tim Barker, CEO at Kooth discusses the crucial role digital solutions will play in the post-pandemic recovery, particularly regarding mental health.
mental illness psychedelics

Treating mental illness with psychedelics

To try find better solutions to mental health problems across the U.S., researchers looked at drugs to combat mental illness in mice, with results already transpiring from just one dose.
funding preventing suicide

£5 million funding to services preventing suicide

To help meet the increased demand from the pandemic, the government has funded £5 million to services to prevent suicide, including charities, NHS and social care staff, and high-risk groups.
nutrition children

How is children’s mental health associated with nutrition?

According to a study, children who eat better, more nutritional diets, with more fruit and vegetables, have better mental health and wellbeing.
mental health climate change

Eco-anxiety: the mental health challenges of climate change

A report focusing on tackling the mental health challenges associated with the worsening climate advocates for better policy for emotional wellbeing.
Men's mental health

Men’s mental health and inequalities

Kirsty Mason, copywriter at men’s health company, Numan, discusses mental health inequalities among ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and middle-aged men.
images of self-harm

Social media is being used by teens to share images of self-harm

The University of Georgia shows the dark and dangerous way in which many young people are using social media platforms to share images of self-harm.
suicide risk disparities, lgbt adults

Study finds suicide risk disparities in LGBT adults

A study identifies suicide risk disparities amongst lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults, with differences based on sexuality, gender, age, and race.
suicidal thoughts, adolescents suicidal

Machine identifies suicidal thoughts with 91% accuracy

Researchers have developed a new machine with a learning-based approach to recognise adolescents undergoing suicidal thoughts and behaviour.

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