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Empowering mental wellness through lived experience

Phil Worms, CEO of Frog Systems, explains how video-led signposting offers a new way to deliver well-being support.
with suicidal thoughts

Suicide prevention: How to talk to someone with suicidal thoughts

Ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, Philip Adkins, National IAPT Clinical Lead at Vita Health Group, looks at suicide prevention in the workplace and addresses how an employee can talk to a colleague with suicidal thoughts.
free time mental health, free time

Is a lot of free time good for your mental health?

When it comes to time and how to use it, there are plenty of clashing opinions - what do scientists now think about how free time impacts your mental health?
older adults with severe dementia, ageing population

Evaluation of older adults with severe dementia

Professor Timothy Kwok of Jockey Club Centre for positive ageing, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, explores how to reliably evaluate older adults with severe dementia.
mental health post pandemic

Let’s Get Digital: Supporting the Nation’s Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

Tim Barker, CEO at Kooth discusses the crucial role digital solutions will play in the post-pandemic recovery, particularly regarding mental health.
burnt out

How ‘dialogue and support’ is helping to reduce pressure on burnt-out NHS staff

Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, Founder and CEO of Cinapsis, explores how referral technology is helping to reduce the pressures on burnt out hospital staff within the NHS.
suicidal thoughts veterans, ptsd

Study finds suicidal thoughts in veterans did not increase during pandemic

A study by Yale University, published in JAMA Psychiatry, says that suicidal thoughts in veterans remained stable throughout the isolation of the pandemic.
mental health in the

Has COVID-19 made mental health at work impossible to ignore?

Jorge E Palacios, MD, PhD, Senior Digital Health Scientist at SilverCloud Health, argues that the pandemic has made mental health in the workplace impossible to ignore.
mental health during the covid-19 pandemic

Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Medical Reviewer & Addiction Advocate, Ray Sadoun, shares his thoughts on the extent of mental health in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.
likelihood of suicide, bipolar disorder

Genetic predisposition to trauma can increase likelihood of suicide

Scientists reveal that individuals with bipolar disorder, who are also genetically likely to have trauma, have an increased likelihood of suicide.
emotional and mental

Using technology to tackle the emotional and mental fallout of the pandemic

Abhishek Goel, CEO, Cactus Communications, addresses the economic and mental health fallout of the pandemic and how AI can improve engagement with employees and monitor their wellbeing.
internet-based CBT therapy, CBT therapy

Study says internet-based CBT therapy works like traditional therapy

University of Gothenburg researchers found that internet-based CBT therapy works as well as traditional therapy - according to a study of 17,521 patients.
mental health impact, pandemic uk

Report reveals mental health impact of sitting down too much

During the pandemic, people spent significantly more time sitting down due to isolation or remote working - but what is the mental health impact? Recently,...
early onset psychosis

Patients with early onset psychosis could benefit from treatment for depression

Treatment for depression, including anti-depressants and other medication, may benefit patients with early onset psychosis.
living near woodlands

Living near woodlands improves young people’s mental health

Living near woodlands has been found to improve cognitive development and lower the risk of emotional and behavioural problems in young people.

Forensic treatment of young people as a chance

Insights into the forensic treatment of teenagers and adolescents at Pfalzklinikum are given here by Laura Kirschbacher.
mental health issues, CMC

Parents with chronically sick children more likely to have mental health issues

Parents across the US with children who have complex medical conditions (CMCs) are more likely to have mental health issues and lack community support, according to new research.
long-term mental health strategy

Towards a long-term Mental Health Strategy

Chairs of the Parliament’s Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing demand immediate action to address the growing mental health crisis and the creation of a long-term Mental Health Strategy.
postpartum mental health

Ontario postpartum mental health visits rise by 30% during COVID-19

Postpartum mental health visits for new mothers increased by 30% during the COVID-19 pandemic, as researchers suggest that the increased use of virtual appointments may have removed barriers to care.
mental health of teenage girls, mental

Scientists say COVID has worst impact on mental health of teenage girls

Scientists analysed 59,000 Icelandic adolescents to understand the psychological impact of COVID-19 - now, they say the pandemic has significantly harmed the mental health of teenage girls.

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