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Hands of young female psychoanalyst explaining something to patient

AI can assist in reducing waiting lists for mental health services

The NHS is currently overwhelmed with long waiting lists of people trying to access mental health services. How could AI streamline these lists?.
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Researchers make urgent call to prevent mental health-related deaths

A ground-breaking study in Lancet Psychiatry by 40 international specialists urgently demands global action on mental health-related deaths.
two men talking to eachother

Peer mentor programmes could become a pathway out of addiction

The government has developed a £3.7 million peer mentor and employment programme for people with substance dependence to seek help from those who have beat addiction.
In therapy, the mid adult female counselor talks to the attentive young man and his unseen sister.

Skyrocketing inflation worsens student mental health crisis

The current economic situation, marked by soaring inflation, is significantly impacting student mental health and worsening the ongoing crisis among young people.
Pregnant woman lying on sofa and looking at ultrasound scans of her unborn baby at home

The secret genetic risk of schizophrenia uncovered

The secret of the genetic risk of schizophrenia has been hiding in plain sight — the placenta, says the groundbreaking study conducted by the Lieber Institute for Brain Development.
tired healthcare worker with bad mental health

Protecting people’s mental health at work

With mental health issues on the rise, Ryan Exley from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health explains why organisations must understand risk factors for poor mental health at work and implement measures to protect the wellbeing of their staff.
Sad senior old woman. Lonely from loss or sick with headache. Upset patient in retirement home with stress or pain. Alzheimer, depression, senility or dementia. Disorder, migraine or insomnia.

How common is internalised ageism in adults?

University of Queensland research led by Professor Julie Henry suggests that normal age-related cognitive changes may increase the risk of internalised ageism in older people.
brain neurons

Brain gene which causes anxiety symptoms provides a novel drug target

Researchers have identified the gene in the brain which drives anxiety symptoms – which, if modified, could reduce anxiety levels.
middle aged black man having therapy

What does racial trauma look like, and how is it affecting communities?

Frequent exposure to racism impacts long-term mental health, often influencing ‘racial trauma’, leading to self-hatred and a low sense of self-worth Across many African American...
Two senior men treading water and having fun in Boldon swimming pool, North East England. They are looking at each other and laughing.

Benefits of swimming and blue spaces on mental health

A new study from Better investigates the benefits of blue spaces and swimming for mental and physical health.
a model of a brain viewed from above, sliced into many horizontal multi-coloured layers of shiny metallic material, stacked up to form brain model. The model sits on a plain white surface with shadow, good mental health

We all need good mental health to flourish in life

Open Access Government unpacks good mental health from the perspective of the World Health Organization.
person opening fridge at night to symbolise eating disorder

Could exposure therapy help adolescents with eating disorders?

One of the most effective interventions for certain types of anxiety disorders is exposure therapy – confronting your fears in a safe environment.
Blurry reflection shadow silhouette in a puddle of siblings and a parent walking wet city street

Hostile parenting and discipline increase a child’s risk of mental illness

Hostile parenting and harsh discipline on young children significantly increase a child’s risk of developing lasting mental health problems.
child playing on playstation at home

Understanding the increasing rates of child mental health issues

Professor John Sharry, Psychotherapist, Clinical Advisor for SilverCloud® by Amwell® and Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Psychology University College Dublin, walks us through some child mental health issues.
Sad woman using cellphone

Feelings of loneliness in older adults is in decline, says poll

It is three years since the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, and only now have feelings of loneliness in older adults started to decline.
person with depression on their phone

How did ‘virtual visits’ to the doctor help depression care in the US?

The ‘virtual visits’ which transpired following the shift to telemedicine during COVID-19 restrictions improved depression care in quality and in quantity.
therapy session with patient

How to prepare for your first psychotherapy appointment

You have finally mustered the courage to start your counselling and have settled on a psychotherapy appointment, what can you do to better prepare?
Man standing at window

Symptoms, causes, and treatments for major depressive disorder (MDD)

Dr Lynne Green, Chief Clinical Officer at Kooth Digital Health, explores the symptoms, causes and treatments for major depressive disorder (MDD).
Woman kisses her boy

Mental health support for refugees & migrants

Fatima Awil, Policy and Knowledge Officer, at Mental Health Europe, argues that mental health support must be given priority as part of a comprehensive approach to well-being for refugees and migrants.
Cropped shot of a man having a therapeutic session with a psychologist

Talking therapy for self-harm trial “could make a huge difference”

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) launches a new talking therapy for self-harm trial in an effort to reduce the number of those struggling in the UK.

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