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school funding

Parents being asked to contribute to school funding

New data shows that 40% of parents in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are being asked to regularly contribute to school funding

Improving education in Scotland

Standardised assessments will help empower schools to tackle the attainment gap and drive improvements in education, the Scottish Government’s Deputy First Minister (DFM) John Swinney underlines
teach life skills

Public Health England launches programme to teach life skills in schools

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a new programme in schools set up to teach life skills to children, helping them deal with the modern world
teacher's pay

Teacher’s pay declining according to OECD figures

Teacher's pay in England and Scotland has declined over the past 2 years according to figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
student mental health

Study shows a decline in student mental health

A new study has revealed that student mental health has declined sharply, with fives times as many suffering from mental illness
teaching unions

Teaching unions merge to form National Education Union

Two teaching unions, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) have formed the National Education Union (NEU)
GCSE exams

New GCSE exams ‘toughest in 30 years’

As thousands of students await the results of their GCSE exams some experts are claiming tests taken over the summer were the 'toughest since O Levels'

Experts warn ‘thousands’ could receive incorrect GCSE results

A new grading system for GCSE results has lead to concerns that many students may receive incorrect grades and complaints of difficulty determining marks.

Specific language impairment: what do we know?

Mabel L Rice, University of Kansas details how the language of children with specific language impairment differs from typical children
University class sizes are falling

New study highlights wealth gap in UK universities

A new wealth gap study suggests that UK students from wealthy backgrounds are 18 times more likely to go to University

Poll shows students are satisfied with degree courses

A new poll by the National Student Survey (NSS) has found that the majority of university students in the UK are happy with their courses

Truth and Reconciliation: What strides have been made?

How are Canadian higher education institutions responding to the truth and reconciliation commission’s calls to action? Brock University’s Dawn Zinga shares

Why you can’t brand a university

Ian Allison, Strategic Creative Director, Instinctif Partners talks about creating an effective university brand and how traditional methods have changed

UK’s poorest children ‘2 years behind’ at GCSE

New research suggests that the very poorest children in the UK falling further behind their peers is at its lowest level since 2007

Schools promised extra funding over next two years

An extra £1.3bn has been promised to schools in England over two years following pressure on the government over funding shortages

Competence-oriented music lessons to improve teaching

What does the learning culture of music lessons in Switzerland look like? The University of Zurich investigates how lessons could be improved
Body cameras and other types of CCTV in education

Body cameras and other types of CCTV in education

CCTV is already utilised in schools, but could body cameras also become the norm in the future? Peter Houlis, Managing Director, 2020 Vision discusses
Teachers are experts in driving social mobility

Teachers are experts in driving social mobility

In a speech, Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening highlights how teachers are inspiring the professionals of the future
Education funding squeeze sees exam classes cut

Education funding squeeze sees exam classes cut

Head teachers are cutting GCSE and A-Level classes as education funding difficulties continue to mount
Erasmus+ review european university trinity college

The Erasmus+ review: More than a European funding programme

Michael Gaebel, Director of Higher Education Policy at the European University Association, highlights the upcoming European Commission Erasmus+ review The European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme is...

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