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How data can accelerate the UK public sector

Adrian Cooper, CTO at NetApp UK and Ireland, discusses how data can impact the UK public sector.
supply chain workforce, digital transformation

Where are women in today’s supply chain workforce? 

Seagull Scientific explores women in the supply chain workforce and how diverse leadership can enhance the efficiency of these systems.
Digital transformation cost savings, public services

Providing digital transformation & cost savings

Chris Haden, CEO, tells us about the Engeneum Toolbox and Skill Set for digital transformation cost savings, citizen engagement and public services delivery.
zero trust security model, security model for higher education

Towards a zero trust security model for higher education

Martin Roots, Managing Director of Expede Group Limited, charts the pathway to a zero trust security model for higher education.
digital transformation strategy, stakeholders

Digital transformation strategy: Configuration and collaboration

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, discusses the value of collaboration and configuration when creating a digital transformation strategy.
customer experience digital transformation

Delivering Customer Experience Digital Transformation Quickly

Chris Merricks from CX Consultants outlines some simple steps you can take to deliver your customer experience digital transformation quickly
women in digital transformation, public sector

Making way for more women in digital transformation

Sue-Ellen Wright, Managing Director of Sopra Steria's Aerospace Defence and Security Business, discusses the future of women in digital transformation.
private sector public sector, digital transformation

Digital transformation: Lessons from the private sector for the public sector

Antonio Weiss, Senior Partner at The PSC, discusses lessons and limitations from the private sector for the public sector when it comes to digital transformation.
local government evergreen, processes and systems

Local government: The importance of remaining evergreen in processes and systems

Mat Clothier, CEO and Founder of Cloudhouse, discusses the importance of remaining evergreen in processes and systems.
public sector transformation, public sector services

Public sector needs to be a transformer, not a passive spectator

Mark Gibbison, Head of Strategic Motions for New Business at Unit4, examines the potential for transformation in the public sector.
Digital software

Agile, low code software – leading public sector digital transformation

Pete Wilson, Industry CTO, Public Sector – EMEA, Pegasystems, reveals how agile, low code software is leading digital transformation
technology unitary councils, levelling up

County devolution: How technology can make unitary councils a timeless trend

Scott Goodwin, Head of Local Government at Idox, explains how technology can make unitary councils a lasting and functional element.
ai situation awareness, situation awareness technology

Digital transformation for situation awareness

Geoff Hoyle, Director at Zest Consult, explains what we need to know about a programme management approach concerning a digital transformation project for situation awareness.
digital platform, digital

Solution to make “non-standard employment” sustainable

Giuseppe Guerini discusses platform cooperatives for the digital age: a solution to making "non-standard employment" sustainable, and to sharing their value chains.
agile work, digital services

The agile advantage

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, discloses how public sector teams can make agile work for them.
tail spend, public sector

Managing Tail Spend effectively in the public sector

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) describes here what we need to know about managing Tail Spend effectively in the public sector.
healthcare transformation, public sector talent gap

How technology partners can help tackle the public sector talent gap

Simon Collinson, Head of UK Public Sector at Salesforce, explains how technology partners can help tackle the public sector talent gap, including a look at healthcare transformation.
CCs SME business plan, crown commercial services

CCS “levelling the playing field” with new SME business plan

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has published its first SME action plan, which will now be "levelling the playing field" for SMEs.
digital local government, local councils

Digital local government: This time it is personal

John McMahon, Product Director at IEG4, discusses the evolution of personalisation across the web - highlighting the benefits for local authorities who wholeheartedly embrace it within their digital services.
digital ecosystem transformation

Achieving transformation by focusing on the digital ecosystem

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, discusses the value of workflow and data management within digital ecosystems when transforming services.

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