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Cyber security technology network and data protection technology.

Hackathon unleashes digital innovation in local regional government

Here, Jing Walker, Digital Advisory Consultant at UBDS IT Consulting Limited explores the challenges facing local regional governments and how the deployment of Hackathons can help them on their digital transformation journey.
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True digital levelling up is within reach for local authorities

Ian Newbury from BT Wholesale argues that the success of UK local authorities is reliant on the services they underpin, which can be improved by the digital levelling up agenda.
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Data sharing can help the public sector deliver improved outcomes for citizens

To transform the public sector under increasing pressure, governments need data sharing, which most importantly needs to be high-quality and accessible.
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G-Cloud public and private sector collaboration challenges

Mike Braithwaite, Managing Director at MDB, walks us through bridging the UK innovation gap, focussing on G-Cloud & the challenges around public and private sector collaboration.
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Public sector organisations shouldn’t rely on mobile-based authentication

It is crucial that effective measures are put in place to counter the strength of modern cyber threats, not just relying on mobile-based authentication.
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Identifying and mitigating risks inherent in IT migration projects

Nick Denning, CEO of IT consultancy Diegesis and veteran of multiple transformation projects, looks at how to identify and mitigate the specific risks involved in IT migration projects.
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Effective information governance: building a framework

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Managing Director at WuDo Solutions, explains the framework needed to generate effective Information Governance for organisations.

The Clinical Pathway DevOps Platform to help NHS staff efficiency

Nathan Moore, Director at Primum Digital Ltd looks toward helping NHS staff deliver the best care at a reduced carbon cost.
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Healthcare’s road to recovery: why identity security is critical

Months after a ransomware attack hit parts of the NHS, the effects are still being felt – how can better identity security improve safety?
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Adopting a digital-first public sector service approach

James Johns, a CX Consultant at Route 101 Ltd. discusses scaling up a digital-first public sector approach to service.
Sharing the experience of working with an NHS Foundation Trust, Firstserv’s Sebastian Tyc emphasises how managed services and cloud hosting are critical in the fight against public sector cybercrime

Top 5 security improvements to protect against public sector cybercrime

Sharing the experience of working with an NHS Foundation Trust, Firstserv’s Sebastian Tyc emphasises how managed services and cloud hosting are critical in the fight against public sector cybercrime.
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Digital medication audits: Transforming outdated processes & improving efficiency

Can the implementation of digital medication audits improve data transparency and accessibility, while reducing medication incidents and improving outcomes?
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What are 7 of the latest business trends you should follow?

With business owners constantly looking for unique advantages, here are the 7 latest business trends going into the new year.
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Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement update

Crown Commercial Service explain enabling the best pricing on core services for the public sector by looking at the Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement update.
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NHS Digital launches an online tech community for patient support

NHS Digital is initiating a new online tech community, to further collaboration between health and tech professionals and the general public.
public sector ai and automation

Hyperautomation is the future for the public sector

As the automation tide rolls in, organisations and the public sector need to make sure they’re prepared for growth.
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Digital public services need to maximise their citizen user experience

The user experience is key to sufficient and operational digital public services, with the potential to reimagine communications and marketing opportunities.
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TSA regulations: why Telcos should act now

Telcos need to allocate specific roles within their organisation to deal with the TSA regulations laid out by the UK government.
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Empowering councils to bridge the digital divide

Emily Paulding, Senior Project Officer at Kent County Council, discusses how councils can help bridge the digital divide for elderly and vulnerable residents.
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The importance of data privacy in smart cities

Data privacy is an essential aspect of our modern society, and it is especially important in the context of smart cities.

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