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Digital public services need to maximise their citizen user experience

The user experience is key to sufficient and operational digital public services, with the potential to reimagine communications and marketing opportunities.
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TSA regulations: why Telcos should act now

Telcos need to allocate specific roles within their organisation to deal with the TSA regulations laid out by the UK government.
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Empowering councils to bridge the digital divide

Emily Paulding, Senior Project Officer at Kent County Council, discusses how councils can help bridge the digital divide for elderly and vulnerable residents.
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The importance of data privacy in smart cities

Data privacy is an essential aspect of our modern society, and it is especially important in the context of smart cities.
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How can digital transformation help you revise remote work culture?

The digital transformation occurring in workspaces is a surging movement reinventing business as we know it – redefining offices, business strategy, and work culture To...
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How the internet has transformed the design and fashion industries

The internet has changed the way we live and work in many ways, and the design and fashion industries are no exception.
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How can you generate revenue from your community portal?

A community portal can help companies build a stronger connection with their audience and increase brand visibility, which leads to financial gains.
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What will a world without PSN look like?

Moira Roberts, Business Relationship Manager, discusses the Public Services Network (PSN) and how we can adapt to life without it.
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Reaching data maturity within government

By embracing data maturity, governments can lay the groundwork for a more effective public sector, and digital society – but how do they get there?
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Trust in data sharing will make walkable neighbourhoods a reality

To achieve a walkable neighbourhood or 15-minute neighbourhood, we need to build trust in data sharing - but the public are still sceptical.
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What does the future hold for smart contracts?

Contracts are going digital. With certain online asset transactions already using blockchain-based software as their primary mode of contractual agreement, what does the future hold for 'smart' contracts?
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How the new ESPR legislation will impact intellectual asset protection

To encourage the use of data in improving sustainability, the EU is working on a new proposal – the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Requirements (ESPR).
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How AI and cloud-native can help fight the recession

AI and cloud native technologies could help the UK public sector to brace itself for the recession, as well as support growth in times of uncertainty.
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Looking back at the last decade on digital accessibility in online learning

There is a need to secure equal opportunities for students in online learning spaces – schools can do this by improving digital accessibility.
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Water utility providers need digital transformation to maintain water resilience

Water resilience in the time of climate change is essential, but how can water utility providers better deliver this? – Digital transformation is the key.
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Climate risk: Fund managers and the geospatial industry need geospatial data

Why has Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) changed, and how is geospatial data being under-utilised for fund managers and real estate portfolio holders?

Do you have the agility and data visibility you need to properly plan for...

After a decade of financial instability, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a period of rising demand for services, robust financial planning and data visibility is more important to the public sector than ever.
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Digital innovation during a cost-of-living crisis

If public sector teams are going to push forward with digital innovation through the cost-of-living crisis, they need to focus on quick wins to boost efficiency.
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Why people are the key to data-driven transformation

Alan Jacobson, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Alteryx discusses why people, analytics and automation are key to data-driven transformation.
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Crown Commercial Service: G-Cloud 13 & DOS6 updates

Open Access Government provides an update on the Crown Commercial Service agreements G-Cloud 13 and DOS6.

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