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In our Government News category, you will find a wide variety of government issues both big and small. 

You can find information on big issues such as global immigration and human rights issues along with Brexit news, negotiations and updates. This section also covers Local governments and their digital transformation along with the popular issues of period poverty and the process of acknowledging this problem.

How and what AID is provided by the UK across the world is another topic covered in detail in this category. Additionally, you can also find regular commentary from legal professionals on changing and adapting laws in the UK. We regularly cover government updates on the implementation of crime legislation and the UK housing landscape.

street children

Poverty focus: Empowering mothers of street children

Emily Malcolm from Toybox argues that empowering mothers of street children through business has important ripple effects to change the future for generations to come in this fascinating poverty focus.
social value in the public sector

Further insights into social value in the public sector

Adam Crampsie, Managing Director, Bloom Procurement Services provides additional insights when it comes to social value in the public sector.

Should the Early Years address food poverty?

June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), stresses the need for the Government to make the free school meal voucher scheme available to all children, including those below the age of five.
job insecurity, economic

Researchers found that job insecurity overshadows fear of COVID-19

The study showed that fear of dwindling resources and job insecurity could distract individuals from following COVID-19 regulations for Americans across 43 states.

Government extends furlough scheme until March

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that the government's furlough scheme will be extended until the end of March.
upgrading government digital services

Upgrading government digital services is crucial to pandemic recovery

James Herbert, founder and CEO of new London-headquartered tech firm, Foundry4, discusses the importance of upgrading government digital services to support an economic recovery.
COVID-19 guidelines

Republicans more likely to follow COVID-19 guidelines for themselves

New research from the UBC Sauder School of Business suggests that Republicans are more likely to follow COVID-19 guidelines to protect themselves rather than for their community.
UK winter lockdown, tier

UK winter lockdown: What are the new rules for November?

The UK winter lockdown was leaked on Friday night, with a hasty press conference assembled on Saturday - so what are the new rules and why was this introduced so late?

The US Election survey: Which candidate is better for the economy?

As the final Presidential debate happens, the US is fast approaching the final days of the campaign – we are running a US Election survey to find out who you think is better for the economy.
aid package

EU donates €8.1 million humanitarian aid package to South and South-East Asia

The European Commission is contributing an €8.1 million aid package to support the most vulnerable in the Philippines, Nepal, and countries in the South-East Asian region.
homes for rough sleepers

£150 million to fund 3,000 new homes for rough sleepers

Backed by government investment of more than £150 million, 3,300 new long-term homes for rough sleepers will be made available by the end of March 2021.
uk private rental sector, research

Research finds moral decline in the UK private rental sector 

In the north of England, renters have been fighting a quiet war against the UK private rental sector - how has COVID-19 impacted their quality of life?
childcare support

Eligibility for childcare support has been extended for working parents

The Government has confirmed that working parents who are on the coronavirus support schemes will still be eligible for childcare support even if their income falls below the minimum threshold requirement.
partnership agreement

The UK has signed its first trade deal with Japan

The UK has signed an economic partnership agreement with Japan, the first major trade deal made as an independent trading nation.
extend free school meals, nutrition

MPs vote down measures to extend free school meals over Christmas

Last night, MPs voted 322 to 261 against measures championed by Marcus Rashford to extend free school meals for vulnerable children on the breadline.
racial prejudice, covid-19

Racial prejudice: Why Asian Americans are still blamed for COVID-19

Racial prejudice, fuelled by poor coping mechanisms and biased social media consumption, has shaped how the public view Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.
public sector can integrate

How the public sector can integrate its way out of a crisis

In the first of this three-part series, Simon Dennis, Director, Future Government and AI Evangelist SAS UK, will examine how the public sector can integrate its way out of a crisis situation.
Procurement Services

Bloom Procurement Services deliver £28 million in social value

Bloom Procurement Services has delivered over £28 million in social value activity in just one year, according to a new report.
Taxpayers money

Taxpayers money for police and fire brigade services is wasted on fly-tipping

It has been revealed that taxpayers money is being used to clean up fly-tipping incidents as opposed to being allocated to police and fire brigade services.
websites live

How can government organisations keep websites live in heavy traffic?

Varnish Software explores how government organisations can utilise technology to keep websites live during periods of heavy traffic and why this will be so important both during and post-pandemic.

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