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In our Government News category, you will find a wide variety of government issues both big and small. 

You can find information on big issues such as global immigration and human rights issues along with Brexit news, negotiations and updates. This section also covers Local governments and their digital transformation along with the popular issues of period poverty and the process of acknowledging this problem.

How and what AID is provided by the UK across the world is another topic covered in detail in this category. Additionally, you can also find regular commentary from legal professionals on changing and adapting laws in the UK. We regularly cover government updates on the implementation of crime legislation and the UK housing landscape.

Politician speaking publicly from the lectern during political rally, Nikon Z7

The importance of address validation for government agencies

Address validation plays a crucial role in data quality for many functions in municipal, state, and federal agencies.
person being arrested by the police in the UK

The Baroness Casey Review: Racism, misogyny and homophobia in policing

The Baroness Casey Review demonstrates a rigorous scratch of the surface exposing institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia within policing.
Police stand guard on Whitehall st

Met Police misconduct: 1000 sexual allegations to be investigated against officers

800 Met Police officers are being investigated, facing sexual and domestic abuse claims and other accusations of potential Met Police misconduct.
Aerial view at group of business people working together and preparing new project on a meeting in the office

A national planning framework can’t forget local authorities

The national planning framework is the bible guiding all land-use, house-building, and energy-planning decisions in the UK.
Modern hunting weapon with scope on a high seat at dusk in Germany

‘An affront to democracy’: Pro-hunting backbenchers could kill Trophy Hunting Bill

A pair of backbench MPs could derail the Trophy Hunting Bill coming to the Commons this Friday despite being backed by 9 out of 10 voters.
Barbed wire fence

Violation of rights: Cuba’s political prisoners total 1,066

Cuba's political prisoners total 1,066, with 11 new cases in February, highlighting the systematic violation of rights in all cases of political imprisonment in Cuba.
Studio shot of streams of binary code against a dark background

Government’s roadmap to achieving trusted data

Marc Hoogstad, Head of Product Management at Finworks discusses removing data silos, implementing automation and gaining access to real-time data to encourage trusted data in government.
Gas bubbles up from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in September 2022 following the blast

Who is responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline attack?

The Kremlin blames the West for the Nord Stream pipeline attack, and Ukraine denies involvement - so who was responsible?
Plexal Interiors

Public and private sector collaboration can deliver the UK innovation agenda

Cyber attacks and system security breaches in big corporations are increasingly common in the UK – and this is why a UK innovation agenda overhaul has never been more needed.
Two diverse businesswomen working together on a digital tablet and laptop in an office

Public sector innovation: Bold thinking in troubled times

Public sector innovation is vital at a time when reform, modernisation and net zero agendas pose new demands.
Sally young & her stick (1)

Bill to ban British trophy hunting to be voted on in Parliament

Several high-profile celebrities, including Dame Judi Dench, Ricky Gervais, Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss and Ed Sheeran, are urging MPs to vote for an unprecedented trophy hunting ban on March 17th.
20th June 2020: Rear view of two male Police Scotland officers on duty in Edinburgh, during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in St Andrew Square, during the Coronavirus pandemic. One officer is wearing protective rubber gloves. Both officers are wearing high visibility jackets with their police uniforms, with the police logo on the back. They are standing looking down the street, keeping surveillance of the crowds. They have handheld radios attached to their jackets to communicate with colleagues.

Recruitment lacks impact without staff management strategy

An increased focus on staff management and relations by HR decision-makers is essential to recruitment, argues Crown Workforce Management’s Managing Director, Mike Hawkesford.
Man in warm sweater with hot tea near radiator in winter. Energy crisis concept.

Energy efficiency: What’s powering the UK’s energy future?

Glynn Williams, UK Country Director at Grundfos, ponders Government schemes and energy efficiency at a time of skyrocketing energy bills and a cost-of-living crisis.
A woman is working at home using a modem router, connecting the Internet to her laptop.

The Broadband USO – is it really helping those most in need?

What is the Broadband USO implemented by the Government, and how is it supporting digital connectivity?
Lion Portrait Behind The Bars

More than 75% of British public are against large animals in zoos

With less than two years to go until the next General Election, and with more than 75% of the British public against large animals in zoos, it is time that Parliament improves animal welfare.
Search and rescue efforts continue in an apartment destroyed in the earthquake that occurred on the morning of February 6, 2023

UK government aid for Turkey and Syria earthquakes: how else can we help?

Following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake across Turkey and Syria, over 37,000 people have died so far. Other than UK government aid, what can we...

Where next for the Levelling Up Fund?

Tom Stannard, Chair of the Institute of Economic Development, ponders where next for the Levelling Up Fund.
Measure tape close up view on white background fit concept overweight or obesity

Is the UK Government’s childhood obesity programme working?

How has the UK Government’s National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), designed to tackle childhood obesity, impacted child and parent mental health? 
A makeshift memorial at the Inland Regional Center (IRC) in San Bernardino, CA. San Bernardino shooting aftermath

Threat awareness and safety: an urgent need to tackle mass shootings

Mass shootings and acts of violence have become increasingly common in our society, leading to widespread fear and a growing sense of insecurity.
LONDON, UK - March 13, 2019: Brexit supporters campaigning to leave the EU.

Brexit Day: Do people regret the decision to leave the EU?

Brexit Day was officially 31st January 2023; is the UK public still in support of the decision to leave the EU, or are some already regretting Brexit?

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