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In our Government News category, you will find a wide variety of government issues both big and small. 

You can find information on big issues such as global immigration and human rights issues along with Brexit news, negotiations and updates. This section also covers Local governments and their digital transformation along with the popular issues of period poverty and the process of acknowledging this problem.

How and what AID is provided by the UK across the world is another topic covered in detail in this category. Additionally, you can also find regular commentary from legal professionals on changing and adapting laws in the UK. We regularly cover government updates on the implementation of crime legislation and the UK housing landscape.


1.5 million children worldwide have been orphaned by the pandemic

According to a new study, an estimated 1.5 million children worldwide have been orphaned because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
civil servants

An erasmus program for civil servants

The Civil Servant Exchange Program ECI Team calls on the Commission to launch an exchange and training programme between civil servants of EU countries.
law enforcement capabilities

The UK’s policing and law enforcement capabilities in Europe after Brexit

Michael Drury, Partner and Caroline Mair, Senior Associate of BCL Solicitors LLP, outline a recent Parliamentary report, which analysed where the UK stands regarding the data & tools it now has at its disposal to the police across Europe after Brexit.
online racial abuse, online harms bill

UK Government fails to tackle online racial abuse of athletes

On Monday (12 July) there was a stark increase in online racial abuse against Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho - with the infamously late Online Safety Bill far from becoming law, how are the Government tackling this?
COVID vaccine mandatory, vaccine care home

France and Greece say COVID vaccine mandatory for health workers

France and Greece both made statements yesterday (12 July) declaring that the COVID vaccine was now mandatory for healthcare workers - with French workers losing wages after September, if they don't have a dose.
100 000 COVID infections, UK government

UK Government predicts 100,000 COVID infections daily

According to Health Secretary Sajid Javid, the UK can expect to see 100,000 COVID infections daily - doubling his earlier statement that the population could expect atleast 50,000 a day.
asylum dispersal

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet agrees to asylum dispersal pilot

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet has agreed to take part in a pilot to become an asylum dispersal area.
hunger in afghanistan

Commission allocates €25m in humanitarian funding to fight hunger in Afghanistan

The Commission is allocating €25 million in humanitarian funding from its Solidarity Emergency Aid Reserve to fight hunger in Afghanistan.
masks public transport, covid pandemic

UK Government to stop mandatory masks on public transport

The UK Government has announced that masks on public transport will no longer be mandatory after 19 July - a decision met with mixed responses.
astrophysics award, caroline herschel

UK creates £10,000 astrophysics award for female scientists

The £10,000 award, named after the noted Caroline Herschel, will be given to a UK or Germany-based female scientist who pushes the boundaries of astrophysics further.
online government services

How to prepare online government services for Generation Z

John McMahon, Product Director at IEG4, explores how Generation Z will interact with online government services in the future.
normative framework, progressive state leadership

Climate leadership and a normative framework for political action

Here, Richard Beardsworth, Professor of International Relations at the University of Leeds, continues his series on the nature of progressive state leadership, pondering a new normative framework for political action and climate leadership.
NHS patient data, NHS data grab

UK Government to sell NHS patient data to third parties

The UK Government will permanently transfer all NHS patient data to a database tomorrow (23 June), which will then be sold to third parties - today is the last chance to opt-out.

UK Government promotes digitisation with national data strategy response

Here, OPEX Corporation explains why the UK Government promotes digitisation with national data strategy response.
EU digital COVID certificate, COVID

European Commission launches EU Digital COVID Certificate

Today (14 June) the Commission formally signed legislation to create the EU Digital COVID Certificate - which will be used for 12 months, beginning from 1 July, 2021.
data disruption

The ongoing data disruption of Brexit

Michael Schrezenmaier, Interim co-CEO & COO, Pipedrive, looks at the role of CRM to tackle the ongoing data disruption of Brexit.
G7 COVID vaccine, trips

G7 leaders agree to donate 8% of necessary COVID vaccines

The G7 meetings produced a new donation of 870 million COVID vaccines to struggling countries, with no progress on a waiver for vaccine patents.
irish action plan, business and human rights

Can the Irish Action Plan support business and human rights?

Professor Martha O’Hagan, Trinity Business School, discusses the human rights potential of a second Irish National Action Plan.
vacant property, buildings

Repurposed buildings: How to best manage the vacant property until that happens?

Repurposing could be the answer to the social and affordable housing shortage. But how can we manage a vacant property until that happens? Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians Management Ltd, explore.
public bodies

Public procurement, a brave new world?

Peter Ware, Partner and Head of Government sector at Browne Jacobson, discusses public procurement and the extent to which this is a brave new world.

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