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In our Government News category, you will find a wide variety of government issues both big and small. 

You can find information on big issues such as global immigration and human rights issues along with Brexit news, negotiations and updates. This section also covers Local governments and their digital transformation along with the popular issues of period poverty and the process of acknowledging this problem.

How and what AID is provided by the UK across the world is another topic covered in detail in this category. Additionally, you can also find regular commentary from legal professionals on changing and adapting laws in the UK. We regularly cover government updates on the implementation of crime legislation and the UK housing landscape.

habsburg empire, colonialism

The Habsburg Empire: Is the nation-state national and the empire imperial?

Gábor Egry, Director-General at the Institute of Political History and principal investigator of Horizon 2020 funded project NEPOSTRANS, dissects the ideologies that shaped and outlived the Habsburg Empire.
COVID vaccines in 2021, low income

70% of available COVID vaccines in 2021 have been pre-ordered

Currently, 16% of the global population have pre-ordered 70% of available COVID vaccines in 2021 - a group of virus experts now warn that COVID will keep evolving unless low income countries can access vaccines.
TRIPS COVID-19 waiver, trips agreement

How will everyone benefit if WTO members sign the TRIPS COVID-19 waiver?

Rachel Thrasher, Research Fellow at the Global Development Policy Center in Boston, explains how the TRIPS COVID-19 waiver rejected by the WTO could ramp up global vaccine production.
empowering governments, digitisation, digital

Empowering governments and their people through digitisation

Tracey Lethbridge, head of UK public sector at OpenText, discusses how digital technologies could empower governments and their people during the current pandemic and beyond.
hotel quarantine

Mandatory hotel quarantine will begin on 15th February

The government has confirmed that from the 15th of February travellers entering the UK from a country on the travel ban list will be required to quarantine in a government-approved hotel.
5000 vaccines, pfizer

Israel will give Palestinian doctors their first 5,000 vaccines

Israel has agreed to give the first 5,000 vaccine doses to Palestinian medical workers - but only if they live in annexed east Jerusalem, while the West Bank and Gaza remain without vaccines.
SURE programme

European Commission pays out €14 billion under the SURE programme

The European Commission has allocated €14 billion to nine Member States under the Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE) programme.
offered COVID access, mutation

All UK adults could be offered COVID vaccine by May

According to recent reports, all UK adults could have their first dose of the COVID vaccine by May, 2021 - opening up the potential of a real summer.
specialist support services

Domestic abuse services receive £40m to support victims

Specialist support services for victims of rape and domestic abuse will receive an extra £40 million funding boost from the Government.
executive orders on climate, biden

President Biden signs bundle of executive orders on climate change

Yesterday, President Biden signed a slew of executive orders on climate change, describing the new proposals as a way to fight an "existential threat".
100,000 covid deaths, vaccine

UK hits melancholy milestone of over 100,000 COVID deaths

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he had done "everything possible" to prevent 100,000 COVID deaths, as the UK witnesses 50,099 fatalities in the space of 79 days.
vaccine exports, export

European Commission to create “transparency mechanism” for vaccine exports

In response to the AstraZeneca feud, EU officials are creating a "transparency mechanism" for vaccine exports - which would indirectly hold companies accountable for fulfilling their agreed contracts.
covid mutation, uk

UK is undecided about closing borders against COVID mutation

Tomorrow (26 January) the COVID 'O' meeting is expected to be a moment of decision-making about border policy, as the more infectious South African and Brazilian COVID mutations continue to circulate.

Allocating green belt to employment land

Andy Jansons, Director of Jansons Property discusses, explores the logic behind releasing Green Belt land for employment sites in tandem with releasing land for the construction of housing in the same area.
arrest records, prit

UK Home Office loses 150,000 arrest records due to tech problem

According to The Times, 150,000 arrest records were accidentally erased - including fingerprint, DNA and arrest histories.
second COVID lockdown, WHO

China begins second COVID lockdown of 22 million people

As new cases rise to 138, China begins a second COVID lockdown for certain regions - impacting a population of 22 million people, just as the WHO team arrives to study the virus.
food parcel, chartwells

UK Government to offer vouchers after food parcel failure

Footballer and child hunger campaigner Marcus Rashford highlighted ongoing food parcel failures, leading to yesterday's decision to revive the food voucher scheme.
survived genocide, kurdish

When COVID-19 hits a community that survived genocide

Nishat had a conversation with founder of The Lotus Flower, Taban Shoresh, who started this organisation after surviving ISIS in her homeland of Kurdistan, Iraq.
public sector organisations, geospatial commission

5,500 public sector organisations will gain access to local data

Over 5,500 public sector organisations now have access to Ordnance Survey information, as part of the Geospatial Commission’s Public Sector Geospatial Agreement.
uk's pandemic policies, committee

UK’s pandemic policy described as not “the best in the world”

The science and technology committee report describes the outcome of the UK's pandemic policies as not the "best in the world" via an assessment of how science guided decision-making.

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